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Vitamin B17 is a naturally powerful ally in the quest to heal from cancer

In reading the quote below by Ernest T Krebs you can quickly surmise why we use intravenous B17 as part of our protocol.

“Vitamin B-17 (nitriloside) releases a specific and powerful cytotoxin, probably the most powerful one known. This is hydrogen cyanide.

Our formulation of B17 also releases an equimolar quantity of benzaldehyde which, before oxidation to benzoic acid, is a very powerful cytotoxin.

We have here two very powerful cytotoxins. Doctor Dean Burk of the National Cancer Institute has brilliantly demonstrated, largely through utilization of the technics and manometer of Otto Warburg, that the benzaldehyde released by the hydrolysis of nitriloside or B17 is not only in itself a powerful cytotoxin but that it multiplies through a very powerful synergy the cytotoxic effects of both–cyanide and benzaldehyde–to an extent many, many times greater than the arithmetic sum of their separate effects.

These two compounds in synergy are more powerful cytotoxins than any of those that I have already mentioned above.

Why isn’t the equimolecular quantity of benzaldehyde oxidized immediately by the cancer cells to harmless benzoic acid as occurs in the body or somatic cells, and why isn’t the equimolecular quantity of cyanide converted immediately to thiocyanate as it is in the body or somatic cells? Remember that Otto Warburg himself received one Nobel Prize for proving the suboxidative activity of cancer cells.

They ferment–fermentative metabolism rather than respiratory metabolism plays a large role in cancer. This metabolism utilizes less oxygen (in the free state); therefore, oxidation of benzaldehyde occurs much more slowly. Unoxidized benzaldehyde lags, as it were, in the neoplastic cell. This cell also lacks a very important enzyme possessed by the body or somatic cells. This enzyme is rhodanese or thiosulfate transulfurase.

It converts cyanide to the harmless thiocyanate. With the selective lag of both undetoxified cyanide as well as unoxidized benzaldehyde in the neoplastic cell, and the multiplication of cytotoxicity that the combination affords, the neoplastic cells suffer a lethal cytotoxicity while the somatic cells are totally unaffected–except possibly in a beneficial or physiological manner. We are dealing with a vitamin, remember.”

Quote from Ernest T Krebs