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IPT Low Dose Chemotherapy

FACT: More than 27% of people who receive high dose chemotherapy pass away from the toxic negative effects of the chemotherapy, NOT from cancer itself.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy or IPT is a kinder and more gentle form of chemotherapy for treating cancer.

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Insulin Potentiation Therapy Or IPT Low Dose Chemotherapy

Kinder & Gentler

There is a kindler, gentler and more targeted way to deliver chemotherapy.  We use low dose chemotherapy potentiated with Insulin, a therapy knows as IPTLD or Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy Low Dose.  Since it is low dose there are less negative effects to the body and the immune system.  Low dose chemotherapy has been found to have a positive effect on the immune system.  To learn more  https://www.anoasisofhealing.com/holistic-cancer-treatment-low-dose-chemo-part-6/

red blood cells flowing

Therapuetic Window

The patient arrives at the center fasting.  Then a small amount of insulin is given.  Since glucose is a primary fuel source for a cancer cell, it has up to 19x more insulin receptors than a normal healthy cell.  The insulin binds to these receptors on cancer cells causing the cell membrane of the cancer cells to become more permeable and weakened, resulting in what is known as the “Therapeutic Window”… the point where the chemotherapy agent can more specifically target the cancer cell vs the normal healthy cells.

IPT In Summary

It is easy to manipulate the immediate environment around the cancer cells by having a person fast for about 6 to 12 hours prior to treatment. A small, calculated dose of insulin is administered and after about 20 to 40 minutes, most of the insulin receptors on the cancer cells are saturated, leaving them permeable. Once this occurs, a small (5-10%) dose of the appropriate chemotherapeutic drug is administered and becomes preferentially taken up by the cancer cells.

Going to war with cancer is going to war with the body, which is actually going to war with the same source and potential to heal.  This war is not just at the origin of chemotherapy, but also a mindset.

Just as real war provides no reason solutions, but massive destruction, carnage, and death, the dose to toxicity chemotherapy war on cancer has brought massive destruction, carnage, and death.  It is time to rethink this strategy.  It is time to change this war mindset.

Low-dose, metronomic chemotherapy provides just enough direct cancer cell death to activate the immune system, yet not destroy it.

Sensible Oncology

Why low-dose chemotherapy?

                    • Reduction in toxic side effects
                    • Reduction in metastasis
                    • Reduction in recurrence
                    • Improvement in survival
                    • Reduction in chemo-resistance
                    • Improvement QOL

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Individuals obtain the advantages of IPT therapy without all of the harsh and negative side effects of conventional chemo treatments. IPT is not used with every person. It is utilized based on specific conditions when they present themselves and is one of the many effective therapies we utilize at our center.

IPT Low Dose Chemotherapy