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Learn More About Natural Breast Cancer Treatments from our Integrative Oncology Expert, Dr. Thomas Lodi.

Our protocol and methodology at An Oasis of Healing brings together science and nature in balance to heal your cancer. We use conventional medical therapies as well as a comprehensive holistic approach to help you stop making cancer in order to restore your health and your life. This multi-faceted approach incorporates the most effective IV therapies, including vitamin C therapies, immunotherapies and IPT, Insulin Potentiation Therapy, that are specifically formulated to target cancer cells. Our holistic approach includes an intensive nutritional component, supplemental vitamins, minerals and curcumin, all in order to support your immune system, increase antioxidant levels and reduce inflammation to stimulate overall healing.

Are You Afraid About Chemotherapy & Radiation to Treat Breast Cancer?

We are Here to Help You!

“You have breast cancer.” Those are words we all dread to hear from our doctor – but once the diagnosis is in, it seems you’re being rushed to make a decision about chemotherapy and radiation. So the question is, what’s the smart thing to do next? The answer is: get educated about all of your options first.

We know just how difficult making decisions about your cancer treatment can be. Statistics show that more than 50% of people who receive conventional chemotherapy WILL NOT survive, due to the side effects alone. So instead of flipping a coin, isn’t it time to take a look at your options from another angle?

About Dr. Lodi

Integrative Oncology Expert

Dr. Thomas Lodi has always been something of a brilliant enigma within the oncology community. His take on integrative, alternative and nutritional solutions to treating cancer has been viewed as radical. The rather direct stance he takes regarding empowering his patients to understand their body’s ability to heal using his program leaves some, if not many, estranged. Despite all of this, his cancer treatments have revolutionized the integrative side of the oncology industry worldwide and led many patients with cancer to the root of real healing and health restoration. Nine years ago, Dr. Lodi founded his practice at An Oasis of Healing in Mesa, Arizona.

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