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Holistic Cancer Center | Alternative Cancer Treatment in Phoenix

A Holistic Cancer Treatment Center

Providing An Alternative & Integrative Cancer Treatment Approach In The USA

We Bring Over 60 Years of Expertise to our Integrative Cancer Treatment Program A Comprehensive Approach of Holistic Cancer Treatments To Restore Your Health

Our Approach for Healing Cancer

An Oasis of Healing | Center For Natural Cancer Care


For most people, the question is not “how do I get rid of this cancer?” but rather “how do I stop making cancer?”

Alternative Cancer Treatment Center


When eliminating cancer in your body, it is imperative not to damage your healthy cells

Integrative Cancer Treatment Center


When the immune system is functioning optimally, cancer cannot exist

What’s Included in Our Comprehensive Integrative Cancer Care Program

Curriculum and training to teach you how to stop making cancer
The first step in healing is to detoxify, then nourish the body

Eliminate cancer by exploiting cancer’s enzymatic deficiencies, with non toxic therapies

Maximize Your Body’s Capacity To Repair & Rejuvenate

Master Your Mind
Master Your Healing

The Most Common Types of Cancers We Treat:

Breast Head & Neck
Bladder Lymphomas (all types)
Ovarian Liver
Pancreatic Prostate
Melanoma Testicular
Colon & Rectal Lung
Cervical Uterine
Arizona Natural Cancer Treatment | Cancer Treatment Center of America Arizona

Get a True Second Opinion Regarding
the Treatment Options for You and Your Specific Situation.

The Most Common Types of Cancers We Treat:

Breast Head & Neck
Bladder Lymphomas (all types)
Ovarian Liver
Pancreatic Prostate
Melanoma Testicular
Colon & Rectal Lung
Cervical Uterine
Arizona Natural Cancer Treatment | Cancer Treatment Center of America Arizona

If You’ve Been Diagnosed with Cancer and Want a True Second Opinion

“Oasis was exactly what I needed when I learned of my prostate cancer diagnosis. After learning about and talking with others who used conventional medicine options to treat it, including surgery, radiation, and chemo and realizing all the disastrous center effects that occur (There is no such things as a side effect when your sexual impotence and urinary incontinence is involved despite what the conventional medicine says!) when you go down the conventional/allopathic approach. Not only did I learn that my body can heal itself from cancer without those harsh center effects, but I also learned how to change my lifestyle and eating habits to bring my body towards health. That’s what Oasis is all about, getting you to realize you have the power to conquer cancer using the natural tools and methods they employ, you will regain your health!!!”

M. Kramer
M Kramer An Oasis Of Healing Testimonial

Watch and Listen to People who Have Experienced Healing Through Our Comprehensive Cancer Care Program

An Oasis Of Healing is a long-established and trusted Arizona cancer treatment center.  Here at An Oasis of Healing, we use scientifically proven, leading-edge alternative cancer treatments that work within the body to achieve remarkable results in eliminating cancer while at the same time restoring health. Compared to other alternative cancer treatment centers, we have a truly holistic and integrative cancer treatment approach through our Comprehensive Cancer Care program.  Our program includes education, nutrition & cleansing and many other natural healing modalities with an extensive repertoire of integrative cancer treatments. Even though some of our patients may have the same type of cancer, all have their individual requirements and as a result, we develop a customized and unique plan of care for each person.

The Natural & Alternative Intravenous Therapies
In Your Comprehensive Cancer Care Program:

Other intravenous therapies include antioxidants, botanicals and pharmaceuticals.
In addition, we design custom nutritional programs designed specifically for your individual needs.

Our Approach for Healing Cancer

Other key components of our comprehensive cancer care program include the following types of holistic cancer treatments to provide the body with the support needed to heal, repair & recover, in other words to replace abnormal cells with healthy new cells:


Cleansing and Detoxification

Lifestyle Modifications

Juicing for better health - Holistic Cancer Treatments
Lymphedema - Alternative Oncologist
Stretching - Comprehensive Integrative Cancer Care
An Oasis of Healing
Tychele | Alternative Cancer Doctors in USA

Tychele Smith


Tamara | Alternative Cancer Doctors in USA

Tamara Webster

DTN, CHHP Patient Care Coordinator

Darren | Alternative Cancer Treatment Center

Darren Scherbain

B.A. Kinesiology Movement Specialist

What's New at Oasis?

Movement as Medicine

Current societies face several health epidemics:
obesity, diabetes, stress, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and the list goes on and on. Research and practical experience show that regular movement can benefit all these conditions.

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