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About An Oasis of Healing

An Oasis of Healing is an integrative medical and healing facility utilizing alternative cancer treatments that help patients and their families learn to re-establish health after having been diagnosed with cancer.

By incorporating alternative and conventional medical services, natural healing modalities, high-quality nutritional products, and a unique educational and training program, we inspire patients to regain their birthright – health.

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Health is the Natural condition of all creatures and is the consequence of each performing its function in the niche or habitat out of which its role emerged.

Humanity has become separated from Nature to the extent that it no longer functions out of instinct but rather out of a multitude of cultural interpretations, each of which views Nature as contrary, unpredictable, dangerous and in need of being subdued and even conquered. This fundamental worldview has spawned the ‘battle,’ “man vs nature” which has raged for untold millennia and resulted in what is known as, ‘civilization’ fabricated equally out of, both arrogance and ignorance delivering its progeny, a malignant miasma.

It is out of this background that we have come into being with a powerful resolve and ambition.

Our purpose then is to inspire those lost in the quagmire of disease to take back their birthright of exuberant health through our holistic cancer treatment. The health of the body is unbounding energy and that of the mind is joy. Each of us must be a living example of how health is manifest in the human form and inflame those that we meet with the fire of hope to awaken and provoke in them the memory of childhoods’ promise, that anything is possible as we laugh and skip along to the harmony of Nature.

We are an Arizona cancer center that opened our doors in Mesa, AZ in February of 2006 offering to those diagnosed with cancer, the amassed knowledge, and experience regarding the treatment and healing of cancer derived from years in Japan, Europe, Mexico and the United States. Those affiliations with other centers around the world have continued to this day ensuring that not only will the reliance on Nature continue to serve as the foundation of healing, but that any and all scientifically validated therapies, from stem cells to immune modulating substances to technically advanced therapeutic interventions will be evaluated and incorporated, as appropriate.

Both health and disease are earned. It’s impossible to walk down the street and “catch” either one. Health and disease are not the causes. They are merely the consequences such as experiencing pain or having a difficult time breathing. These are simply the symptoms that alert us to, “hey something is wrong here”.

These symptoms are often considered to be a diagnosis rather than looking deeper into the root cause. A diagnosis of a headache or having difficulty breathing (dyspnea) is just a description of a symptom, nothing more. There is nothing magical about making a diagnosis. Unfortunately, once a diagnosis is made is when the tragedy occurs because all the work that was going into the cause stops!

Thus, the treatment prescribed only addresses the diagnosis and not the root cause, i.e. pain medication is given to help relieve only the symptom and not the cause. Clearly, the cause of these conditions have not been identified and eradicated, there is not only no assurance that these problems will not occur again but rather it is likely that they will.

  • At large, cancer is considered to be the “enemy” and a “war on cancer” has been declared. Outside of cigarettes and the tobacco industry, we are lead to believe that the majority of factors that contribute to the onset of cancer are in fact out of our control. The most common factors given are stress pollution and genetics. Cancer in fact, is the name that we have given to the extraordinary effort of the body to protect us against chronic irritation. Consequently, cancer has been termed, “the wound that wouldn’t heal.”
  • What is not a mystery are the conditions that lead to the development of cancer. If a person is to start on a path of becoming cancer free they first need to stop what they were doing that lead to the cancer development (i.e. smoking cigarettes, eating processed foods, etc.) and secondly, they need to make sure that healthy cells are being produced. A simpler way to put it is they need to learn to stop making cancer.
  • Your full participation is critical to healing from cancer. At An Oasis Of Healing, patients will learn how to stop making cancer through training, education, and study. The notion of being passive while being treated here must be discarded and in its place focus on coming to our healing center with the commitment to learn how to recover your vitality and vigor and the bliss of health.
  • What must not be forgotten is that the absence of health or “disease” is simply the body trying to restore its optimal functioning. Health is not the absence of anything, it is, in fact, the presence of something, it is one’s ability to regenerate, rejuvenate and procreate. Health is when a person lives concordant with the biological laws that preside over the functioning of the organism.

What you need to know is this, it really doesn’t matter how effective a doctor or a team of doctors are at eliminating cancer if the patient involved continues making cancer cells.