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Employment Opportunities

Below are the possible employment opportunities available at An Oasis of Healing.

If you meet these qualifications and are interested in the position, please email your resume to:

We are hiring nurses for our integrative oncology healing center in Phoenix East Valley, AZ.  People diagnosed with cancer have been coming to our center from across the USA since 2005 seeking integrative cancer care.

This is a rare opportunity to be part of a team that provides high quality care to cancer patients by supporting the body’s innate ability to heal through plant-based nutrition, detoxification and cleansing, body re-balancing & utilizing natural and alternative intravenous therapies. 

If you are tired of feeling like all you do is dispense medications and would like the opportunity to educate patients on how to improve their health and impact their healing, then review our website to learn more about program, our philosophy of healing and our Care Team.

We are seeking a nurse who is passionate about being a part of REAL HEALTH care and has a love of learning.  If you have great assessment and organizational skills, and love being a nurse, then this is the opportunity for you. 

To be considered for this job the following qualities are required:

  • Critical thinking skills such that you can give input and/or make recommendations to the doctor based on your assessment of the patient
  • Experience and the ability to interpret basic blood laboratory results
  • Strong memory and ability to learn and retain new information quickly
  • Know what to do and be comfortable with handling an emergency situation


  • Licensed RN in good standing in the state of AZ – minimum 2 years hospital experience with experience in ICU, CCU, ER or Med/Surg preferred
  • Excellent IV/ phlebotomy skills, experience with PORTs and PIC Lines
  • Compassionate, pleasant, and caring
  • Excellent documentation and critical thinking skills.
  • Desire to learn, a team player & good communication skills

Part-time and Full-time positions available – pay commensurate with experience and training – health & dental insurance, PTO, and in house benefits. Hourly rate from $36-38 per hour or more for the person meeting all the qualifications and/or with extensive or ICU experience.

Candidate must be congruent with our philosophy so before applying for this position look over our website.  Please include a cover letter stating “How being a part of Team Oasis is in alignment with your personal and career goals.”

Send your cover letter and resume to  Only applicants who include a cover letter will be considered.

As a RAW CHEF we need someone familiar with the complex needs of cancer patients as it applies to nutrition.  Our chef works directly with the patients to ensure that they are getting their nutritional needs met.  We need a chef with the talent and ability to alter foods as necessary to accommodate patients’ changing taste.  Our chef must be successful in encouraging patient participation in the lifestyle aspects of the program as well as have the expertise required to help patients overcome and navigate psychological and physical barriers such as nausea and taste alterations due to chemotherapy. You would be preparing the meals; smoothies, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as, daily snacks and sweet treats needed for after IPT. This position also includes menu planning, ordering and efficient use of resources.  There are 2 additional part-time food prep assistants.

The K ITCHEN MANAGER aspects require our chef to have experience in managing a kitchen, familiar with costing and budgeting and working with wholesale accounts with the goal of making the kitchen as cost effective as possible. Must have the ability to manage staff, scheduling,  job duties, etc.  Responsible for all organizational and flow aspects of the kitchen and its maintenance and cleanliness.

An Oasis of Healing is an integrative cancer healing center focused on both the medical needs and the lifestyle changes needed for people diagnosed with cancer so they may remain in remission long term.  We are highly passionate about living foods and how it relates to healing the body from cancer. We need someone who is highly motivated and passionate about what they do and a willingness to be part of a comprehensive team to help us with the common goal of teaching our patients to stop making cancer and to live long healthy lives after participating in our program.

Full time position Monday -Friday with benefits including medical, dental, and vacation pay

Have you worked in the medical field and/or been in sales and marketing and found yourself feeling unfulfilled?

Do you want to be a part of a team that is changing the way people with cancer are being treated?

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of others and have excellent communication and marketing skills, we are seeking an energetic and outgoing individual who will maintain a visible, positive attitude towards inquirers and our patients at all times, consistently promoting the medical and lifestyle services we provide.

This person provides the first impression for our center, so it is crucial that this person be very knowledgeable about our philosophy, methodologies, and therapies.  Also_

  • A familiarity with medical terminology & types of cancer & cancer treatments
  • Professional or personal experience with alternative or holistic healing practices & nutrition.
  • Superior communication and excellent phone skills
  • Good computer skills & working knowledge of Word
  • Responsible for supporting new patients to come to the center and must show great interest, initiative and motivation to do so
  • Handles all incoming & follow up calls from inquirers & captures data in software program
  • Interfaces with the front office, nurses and doctors
  • Provides assistance as needed for finding accommodations
  • Meet and greet patient upon arrival and orients to center and program

Full time position –  Monday – Friday 8:30-9am – 5:30-6pm daily. Hr $14 plus Health & Dental & other benefits.  Salary commensurate with experience & qualifications.

Candidate must be congruent with our philosophy so before applying for this position it is required that you look over our website.  After looking over our website, to be considered for the position, please include a cover letter stating specifically why you are seeking employment at our facility.

Licensed Professional Counselor/Psychotherapists, Social Worker or equivalent

We are acutely aware that healing from cancer cannot happen without resolving family and other primary relationship problems. These relationships in large part shape one’s self image.

Cancer has the additional component of fear, so mortality and other very poignant, deep rooted philosophical/spiritual concerns become prominent. We teach people how to change their lives so they stop making cancer and that means everything from diet to sleep patterns to exercise to psycho-social-spiritual metamorphosis. Our dietary habits are based upon appetites formed by the age of 3 years…..we are all addicted to foods that are harmful…when one has cancer, though….it is showtime.

Patients are at the center daily undergoing a comprehensive regimen of intravenous therapies as well as daily educational classes and therapies for cleansing and re-balancing the body. We are seeking someone to join our team and guide our patients to a higher level of emotional well-being so that the healing process can be better achieved. The right person will be strong in their ability to address our patients directly and in a positive, supportive manner. Candidate must be able to provide patients with specific tools/methods to transform areas in their life, lifestyle and psyche that block or limit their ability to heal and change from a state of dis-ease in the body/mind to one of optimum health.

This position requires 2 days per week. Possible candidates might have a current License as a Bachelor or Master Level Social Worker, Psychotherapist, or Licensed Professional Counselor, however other training equivalents may be considered. Preferably candidate will have at least 5 years supervised clinical experience with assessment and evaluation experience as well. The successful candidate will be offered a salary commensurate with experience.

Each patient session is one hour and final schedule is posted the day before.  We prefer a candidate that engages in a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

An Oasis of Healing is seeking a full-time MD or DO holistic physician to practice at its well established comprehensive cancer care center in Mesa, AZ.  At An Oasis of Healing quality patient care and satisfaction is a priority so our physicians spend quality time with each patient.  We are looking for a physician able to work with patients with cancer as well as its associated complications so a certification in Internal Medicine is preferred.  In addition, experience in the ER, ICU, or CCU as well as a background and/or training with ACAM and A4M, functional, metabolic and anti-aging medicine preferred.  The programs at An Oasis of Healing integrate state-of-the-art medical treatments with many natural healing therapies in conjunction with living plant-based nutrition and body cleansing. Candidate must be congruent with our philosophy on health and healing.    If you are looking for an excellent opportunity to make a superior salary, have quality one-on-one time with your patients, and work with patients to regain their health vs disease management, send your CV and cover letter to . Terms of employment are negotiable and will be dependent on experience.

Job Requirements: Licensed AZ MD, DO or MD(H) willing to learn our integrative approach to healing cancer

If you are a great motivator, speaker and communicator with lots of enthusiasm and an authentic sunny disposition and you have been trained in the nutritional aspects of and live the raw food lifestyle, we are seeking you for the Health Educator position at An Oasis of Healing.

As an applicant you must have a significant knowledge base and understanding of the following:

  • Principles of health and basic cause of disease
  • The anatomy and physiology of the human body and its major systems
  • How toxemia develops in the body
  • Cleansing and its benefits
  • Nutrition and how to get it
  • Causes of Food cravings and how to eliminate
  • Benefits of a plant based diet _Why raw? Enzymes, acid/alkaline balance, Superfoods, sprouting, etc.
  • How to live the raw food lifestyle
  • Toxins in the environment, home and work place
  • Tools for stress management

The Health Educator position will entail writing some of the curriculum for these classes as well as preparing and teaching classes on a daily basis. The Health Educator will have one-on-one contact with cancer patients including an initial assessment and follow ups to track and assist patients with the raw food diet and nutritional requirements.

Applicants for this position must have at least 3 yrs experience with the raw food diet and lifestyle. Also must have an alternative health/nutrition type degree and/or strong background in nutrition (could be self educated).  A basic knowledge of nutritional supplements preferred. Excellent benefits and salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.