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Chelation therapy has been proven to reduce toxin levels in the bloodstream.

Low Dose Chemo

We are all inundated with heavy metals. Heavy metals are metals from the environment which have no physiological role and therefore must be eliminated. They, in fact, replace the normal positively charged trace elements, like selenium, zinc or copper, etc… which are required for normal functioning of the body’s millions of enzymes engaged in over 150,000 reactions every second.

When they displace these necessary trace elements, the enzyme system can no longer function. Turning off the enzymes throughout the body is like turning down the ‘metabolic switch’ that keeps the body functioning.

This results in the inability of the immune system to function, the nervous system (brain and peripheral nerves) lose their ability to function with the speed necessary for effective functioning and utilization of memory and other skills which define, “thinking”.

Our hearts, kidneys, livers, and all other organs begin to slow down and in effect, the whole dance of life begins to grind to a sluggish, crawl. CaEDTA is one of many different and effective chelating molecules that “grab” these metals and escort them out of the body through the urine. We will also provide you with DMSA and other oral and nutritional chelating agents.

Low Dose Chemo