Stop Making Cancer

How is it possible to stop making cancer?

stop making cancer

At first glance, the causes of cancer seem daunting. It appears that cancer can be caused by an almost unlimited number of carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) in the environment as well as genetic predispositions (weaknesses).

These carcinogens can range from viruses to chemicals in the water, wall paint, smoke, petroleum products, insecticides, radiation and a whole host of other sources. In fact, it takes volumes to list them all and we keep discovering “new” ones every day.

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There are several components to How to Stop Making Cancer.  To help you understand how our program assists your body to accomplish this read below.

Reduce Metabolic Stress and Improve Overall Health

Improve Circulation of Oxygen/Nutrients


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Dr. Thomas LodiDr. Thomas Lodi combines the best alternative therapies with the best conventional ones. Here he talks about his methods and shares health information that is essential reading – whether you have a cancer diagnosis or want to learn more.

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