Colon Hydrotherapy


Colon HydrotherapyColon hydrotherapy or Colonics are the therapeutic use of water internally in the colon.

Colon hydrotherapy is done with a machine that is known as a closed system. This is the administration of water into the colon through a speculum inserted in the rectum used at An Oasis of Healing.

 A closed system delivers double, sometimes triple filtered water at a controlled temperature and flow rate through a tube, to slowly fill the colon. Once the colon is filled, the flow of water is stopped to allow for the contraction and release in the colon thereby allowing fecal matter to flow back into the tube and into a drain.

The contents of the colon are so toxic that if one drop got into the blood, it would trigger an emergency which would probably require admission to an intensive care unit (ICU).

The immune system has two broad functions:

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Maintenance (repair and cleaning)

An unnatural diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, ignoring the natural urge to defecate and exposure to environmental toxins always result in constipation. If your kitchen is not functional, you can bring food into the home or eat out.

If the bedrooms are unusable, you can sleep in another room. However, if the bathroom is not functional, it is time to move. The bathroom, or more precisely, the toilet (waste disposal unit=sewer), can be thought of as the colon. When the colon begins to back up into the blood, big problems arise. It is then time to call a plumber.

Colon Hydrotherapy Benefits:

  • Removes waste from the colon that has accumulated over time and helps prevent constipation, and improves overall health.
  • The buildup of fecal matter in the colon may prevent the absorption of water and nutrients, leading to constipation.
  • Eliminates harmful colon bacteria and decreases the growth of yeast in the colon.
  • Decreases autointoxication or stagnant toxins from getting through the colon wall and into the bloodstream.

Colon hydrotherapy being a closed system eliminates odor, mess or embarrassment. The person receiving the cleansing is always draped and both females and males are available at most professional, colon hydrotherapy establishments. No chemicals or drugs are used.

Our colon therapists are trained and very experienced. They are very skilled in guiding their clients through a relaxing experience, integrating abdominal and pressure-point massage when appropriate to ensure that the colon is adequately cleansed.

It is funny, that we don’t think twice about changing the oil in our cars, or showering once or twice a day, but when it comes to an internal cleansing of our bodies, we question whether or not it should really be done. Funny? Not really! It is tragic!

Andrea Carter, CHT

Andrea Carter, CHT

As an I-ACT certified Colon Hydrotherapist, I know the power of combining nutrition and naturopathic modalities to create an environment in the body conducive to health and healing. For six years I have been practicing colon hydrotherapy alongside many passionate practitioners and doctors.

I wanted to be part of the Oasis team because the program here is in total alignment with my experience and philosophy regarding healing. I love assisting patients in reaching their cleansing and detoxification goals. It is also important to me to be able to participate in providing hope along the journey of healing for our patients.

I enjoy exploration and travel within the USA and abroad. I am a fierce volleyball player who especially loves playing beach volleyball. One of my more important hobbies is educating myself regarding nutrition and toxin-free living.

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