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Cancer Treatment Methods To Be Avoided

Cancer Treatment Methods To Be Avoided

Cancer treatment methods such as surgery are not the best option.

Cancer treatment methods that involve chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are some of the least effective ways to heal from cancer. Let us walk through why that is the case and the cancer therapy methods you should be focusing on.

In order to fully explain why cancer treatment methods like surgery should be avoided, we’ll use a simple example. Let’s suppose there’s a poison pear tree in your backyard. Let’s also say that the people who eat the pears from this tree will in fact die.

Unfortunately, society is lead to believe that the only solution is calling a pear tree specialist who performs surgery. The specialist comes over cuts all the pears off the tree.

We ask you, did that actually solve the problem of the poison pears? The problem was resolved only until the tree is able to grow back all the pears on it.

Were the pears the problem? No, they were not. The actual issue at the root of the problem, no pun intended, is what the pear tree is sitting in. The problem is the soil.

Is this starting to come into focus now? It’s the military approach to treating cancer that is used by the conventional system. This approach is devastating to the human body.

There Are Cancer Treatment Methods That Bring No Harm To The Body

A woman having surgery to remove a breast tumor is not being told the truth about why the tumor developed in the first place. This woman has no idea there are natural treatment options that do not destroy her body.

These other alternative cancer treatment options challenge cancers at a metabolic level and do no further harm to the body. Surgeons who perform surgeries to remove breast cancer tumors commonly say, “they got it all”! These surgeons say they got clean margins and everything looks really good.

Unfortunately, in just six to twelve months, their cancer comes back! Not only does it come back, it spreads to other organs as well as the brain.

Something else the surgeons like to state if the cancer returns is that the person had a recurrence. That is false, the fact is the cancer never went away and now has spread.

Here’s a simple truth, the only thing the surgeon did was “remove a pear” from the tree. The surgeon has done not one thing to change the PH of the soil that the pear tree was in and low and behold, the pears grew back!

Cancer treatment methods such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation just don’t work. They are not effective at healing the reason why the cancer developed in the first place and that’s what’s missing from conventional medicine.

At An Oasis of Healing, we use treatments that work with the body and challenge cancer at a metabolic level. We use treatments that work within the biological laws of nature.

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