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why optimum nutrition is so important for health

Why Optimum Nutrition Is So Important For Health

We have deviated as far as we can from what’s possible and that’s why optimum nutrition is so important for health!

Our body, which is a living structure, requires living structure to replenish it. You can’t take a lifeless something and turn it into life, it doesn’t work that way. That’s the reason for discussing why optimum nutrition is so important for health.

Today, we are eating far too many non foods. When you heat things up at a certain temperature, it changes the molecular structure. For example, when you heat up certain kinds of oils, they become similar to plastics and they are being incorporated into our membranes.

And so we have partically plastic membranes in our bodies. Our membranes have to communicate with the rest of our other cells and tell the nucleus what to do, etc. We have gone as far away from nature than any other point in our history. Cancer is the bodies last attempt to save us from this deviation from nature. There is no way out of nature.

Our eating has to be that of real whole foods that are not processed.  In order to achieve optimal functioning, which is health, we must return to the way we were designed to eat. We were designed to eat what the earth produces in its natural state which is really clear because after all we are earthlings.

We all need to be woken up because right now, the earth is in crisis and the human race is in crisis. Cancer is just a symptom of the crisis of the human race.

Listen in to Dr. Lodi speaking about why optimum nutrition is so important for health

It all has to do with protein which comes up in all these conversations when you’re talking about the way we need to live. Most people say don’t you need protein? Where are you going to get protein when you’re eating like that?

When you want to find out how much protein you really need, look back to when you were in infant. Infants have to double and even triple their weight in a very short period of time. In order to accomplish this all mammals were given milk. In that milk is maximum protein, maximum carbs, maximum fat and maximum micronutrients.

Now, if we look at the amount of protein in the milk from mammals you can get an idea at what that mammal will need for protein at the maximum time of its life. In other words, at no other time in that mammals life will their be a greater need for this protein.

As adults and even as adolescents, we don’t double in size going from four feet to eight feet but as infants we do double! So, when you look at the amount of protein in milk, we find that rats actually have one of the highest percentages of protein in their milk at 49%.

Dr Lodi says and we quote “my advice for all you guys who want to get protein as you’re on this protein, protein, got to have protein mantra, grab a rat and milk it”.