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let a fever run its course

Why Its Important to Let A Fever Run Its Course

Making the decision to let a fever run its course can be a wise one in terms of your health.

Most of the populace does not know that the body’s immune system works best at 103.5 degrees. However, there is enough of us waking up to the fact that the nature of nature is healing.

Nature heals and this idea on a “magic tablet” is based upon an incorrect standard, the incorrect understanding of the way things really are. The concept of a magic pill indicates that something is wrong and the pill is going to repair it.

Let’s continue with a fever for this example, in the Western society we see that as a Tylenol deficiency and wind up taking the Tylenol to try and stop the fever. If people realized and understood that the body’s immune system functions optimally at 103.5 degrees, they would welcome the high temperature of a fever recognizing it was eliminating something in our body that shouldn’t be there.

Humanity needs to recognize that the body is divinely driven, it’s divinely crafted and as a result, it works really well. The body is designed to heal, and it’s healing all the time. If you cut the body, it heals, if you scrape a Porsche, or any car, it doesn’t heal, it needs help.

Listen to Dr. Lodi explain why its important to let a fever run its course

When something gets in the way is the only time the body stops healing. When water is prevented from flowing downhill it’s because is something is in the way. Water will always run downhill and as proof, once you eliminate the barrier, it proceeds to flow downhill once again.

It’s the exact same principle with the body and what we need to do when we discover that something is in the way is to get out of our own way. To realize that maybe some of the choices we have made in our lives have contributed to what is getting in the way of our healing.

We then need to focus on the basics of consuming real whole foods, green juicing, getting adequate rest, and getting your body moving on a daily basis so your breaking a sweat. If your not moving your body on a consistent basis your sending it the wrong signals. Becoming sedentary in life is not what you want and will lead to health challenges at some point. A body in motion, stays in motion so keep moving.

An Oasis Of Healing can help guide you in getting out of your very own way and allow your body to heal naturally. Our healing center has everything planned for you so you can focus on the most important thing, healing. We use metabolic therapies that are in harmony with nature and we apply them in an integrative way that allows the healthy cells to thrive while challenging the cancer cells.

No harm is done to your body at our alternative cancer clinic and you will feel stronger after each of treatment unlike conventional treatments where it damages your immune system and you become weaker after each treatment.

Reach out to us today, we can help you or your loved one.