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Why Health Needs To Be On Your Agenda

Why Health Needs To Be On Your Agenda

Why health needs to be on your agenda is quite simple, if it isn’t, it will make its way to the top of your list.

And that is something that you don’t want as it will consume your life with everything that follows. It is so crucial to be around as well as involved with a network of people who understand just how seriously vital wellness is to everyone.

The majority of us do not get reminded until we get touched on the shoulder. When you receive that touch on the shoulder that is telling you that something significant is occurring now and it needs to be attended to as soon as possible.

This is the wakeup call people get where they ultimately say to themselves, I think my health needs to become a priority! Go ahead and ask individuals around you if they make a checklist of tasks to do for the day or a schedule for the day.

Ask to see their task list or simply ask where “health” is on that list. What will become apparent to you is many people do not have “health” on their list. And here’s the paradox in not including health on your agenda, it will find its way to the top. You will certainly find yourself consumed with it.

It turns out we are biological entities and have a real function on this planet. We have certain things that we do and eating is one of them. Part of every creatures function is what it eats. Creatures also engage in survival behaviors and when not engaged in survival behaviors, that is when we have leisure.

Dr. Lodi Discusses Why Health Needs To Be On Your Agenda

The modern world has taken away peoples leisure time filling it up with things like; second jobs to make ends meet or to try to get ahead, and shopping at the Mall. And, I don’t believe people are actually having fun shopping at the Mall.

Downtime or leisure time has been replaced with more activities that cause additional stress in people’s lives. Leisure time was meant for us to de-stress and relax and enjoy life. This is just not the case any longer in our present world and is adding to our health crisis.

If you do not attend to your health and wellness now, you will find yourself spending every min of every day consumed with it once it discovers its way to the top of your checklist. So, it’s best to concentrate on it now and make it a core commitment of each and every day.

Again, being biological entities means that we need to live and eat within the biological laws of nature. When we stray from this consistently, our health tends to suffer. This is part of our education program here at An Oasis of Healing and exactly how we enlighten individuals on exactly how critically important health is and also why it deserves your attention daily.

And remember, what it takes to restore ones health and also what it takes to maintain health!