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Why Has Human Lifespan Decreased

Why Has Human Lifespan Decreased

Why has human lifespan decreased is a question that goes against modern-day belief.

Most people believe that our lifespan has actually increased. That couldn’t be further from the truth and we will talk about why in this article. The reason why the human lifespan has decreased is because we stopped eating the food that was designed for us.

Humans, at this time in history, are supposed to be living until 120 years of age. However, the original design had humans living until 912 years of age.

Everyone, back during this time period, was living past 900 years of age. Why was that? The reason is they were eating what they were designed to eat. What were they eating?

Go to the first book of Genesis chapter one, verse 29. It said I give you every fruit which has a seed and every plant bearing seeds that is on the whole face of the Earth. For you, it shall be meat, for you, it shall be food.

Let’s cover what it did not say, shall we? It did not say steam for twenty minutes. It did not say when microwaving do not use metal. It did not say, cook at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 minutes.

When people were eating according to the original diet what happened? They lived to an average age of 900 years old. Then what happened? There was a great flood and there was Noah’s Ark saving humans and animals.

Noah received permission to start feeding people dead animals. People started to eat dead animals and they started to die at a young age. And, within 5 generations, the human lifespan came to 120 years of age.

Why Has Human Lifespan Decreased is Answered by the Food We Eat Today

All other forms of eating that followed were Plan B. Plan A was eating the plants and fruits and oh, by the way, don’t cook them because God made them perfect. God made tomatoes not tomato soup.

God didn’t make a mistake, humans are making a mistake by turning on the oven. Where’s the lycopene? Where are the lycopene trees? How come there are no vitamin C trees?

Society has become crazy with this focus on singular supplements. People don’t need just one single nutrient. When eating a whole tomato, they would be ingesting lycopene, vitamin c, vitamin a, carotene, fiber and the seeds have amygdalin.

Hippocrates was indeed correct, food is medicine. He said, “let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”. This is it, there is no other medicine!

At An Oasis of Healing, we teach all of the people that come to visit us the original lifestyle diet designing for helping to restore and maintain health.

People learn that eating this way provides some of the tastiest food they have ever eaten. And, it’s food that contributes to absolute health. People will never feel like they are missing out on anything and their body will love them for it.

Reach out to us, we would love to help you get on a path to true health.

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