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Why Detoxification Is Important For Cancer And Anti-Aging

Why Detoxification Is Important For Cancer And Anti-Aging

Why detoxification is important for cancer and anti-aging as it helps prevent the accumulation of waste.

Aging is waste build up in the body and why detoxification is important for cancer and anti-aging. What people should strive for is minimizing the buildup which will slow down the aging process as well as help will diseases such as cancer.

As an example, if someone were to buy an exotic car and drive it for 3 years without changing the oil or following through on the required maintenance, do you think it would still run well? Of course not that’s why oil changes and tune-ups are scheduled for every so many miles.

This scheduled maintenance helps maintain optimal performance for this expensive exotic car. Everyone who has a car understands the oil needs to be changed and the tires rotated, etc. to keep things running properly and avoid breakdowns which end up costing far more than regular maintenance.

Someone who purchases an exotic car would understand if regular tune-ups are not met than their high-performance machine will operate on a sub-par level and end up costing them more. In spite of society’s the lack of knowledge or caring for their body accordingly and in line with health, people assume that the body will function with no issues. And, what about a tune-up for your body? Have you ever done a whole-body detoxification? If not, why?

Some people are fanatics about caring for their car. Yet, to think they don’t need to do the same for their own body to put it in a nice way is, irrational, and saying it bluntly, is just stupid.

Waste buildup scrambles the human body’s capability to generate energy. For example, going to sleep directly after having a large meal is not something you should be doing. This goes against the bodies biological functions like cleansing itself while you sleep.

Why Detoxification is Important is because Waste Accumulation is Real!

People should be mindful of not eating right before bed as the body will be processing what you had to eat versus doing its cleansing job. When people sleep, the body is busy cleaning, conversely, if a meal is consumed just before bed, the body now has to focus on processing the meal rather than cleansing.

This adds to waste buildup and the accelerated process of aging. Actually, the human body is always both cleansing and processing. However, when we eat a big meal before going to sleep, it disrupts the cleansing process. This highlights again why detoxification is important to do on a regular basis, at least 4 times a year.

When on a prolonged fast, the effects are even better as you are accelerating the cleanup including extracellular stuff as well. If on a water fast, after just 72 hours, a person uses up all of their stored glucose.

Now the body turns on different mechanisms to protect the organs and muscles and then conducts a scavenging hunt looking for all non-viable tissue to recycle for energy. What this means is the plaque in arteries, tumors, cysts, and everything that is not necessary is eaten up and recycled.

People who have a 98% stenosis from an angiogram can go on a water fast and come back absolutely clean. The best thing to do about anything is, nothing! Stop eating. Don’t stop drinking water, just stop eating.

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