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alternative cancer treatments

When People Are Not Open To Alternative Cancer Treatments

When people are not open to alternative cancer treatments this is what you can do to help them realize there are gentler and more targeted therapies.

How to convince an elderly mother that there are highly effective alternatives that aren’t just crazy stuff. That is almost impossible. And I have personal experience with my mother and my fiance, it is very hard sometimes to get them to open their eyes. It’s almost as if people have their own destiny, or their own path that they have to walk.

And no matter who you are, or what you do to try to convince people, it’s very hard because they are operating out of fear. People go into things out of fear, and based on recordings in the brain and tapes that they’re playing, some old paradigms, etc. What they grew up watching can have a lasting impact on their decision making today.

I don’t know if anybody remembers this, but there was a television show called the Marcus Welby show in the seventies. Marcus Welby was a great, wonderful family doctor that everybody trusted, and if you grew up with this kind of idea, you can become stuck in that paradigm. If you get a life-threatening condition, you’re most likely going to go that way, it’s almost religious; these beliefs are very powerful. The best thing we can ever do for anyone is to fix ourselves.

By fixing ourselves, by becoming the thing that we want them to be, we will inspire them and we will teach them by example.  They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, right? Well then this is worth ten thousand words. When you become vibrant, healthy, you metamorphasize right in front of their eyes, you become a healing magnet, different than you had been prior, and they are going to say “wow, what are you doing?”.

Here Dr. Lodi Gives Examples OF What You Can Do When People Are Not Open To Alternative Cancer Treatments

It’s really hard, although I try every day, that’s what I do, I try every day to help people understand it. One of the things you can do is have them read other books, because when you are in a relationship with someone, like a son or a husband or a wife or sometimes even a friend, people don’t believe you as much as they would a third party.

So if you could find books that teach and inspire and say and show what you are trying to tell them, that can be very effective. Sometimes our relationship gets in the way of the information. As an example, that happens with even me and my family so we have to be aware of those things and adjust to a different way of showing them these better options for their health and healing.

This is everything that we teach at our healing center here at An Oasis Of Healing. That’s why it’s always best to have your spouse, your brother, your sister, etc., with you during this process at our center.