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what you should look for from a cancer treatment center

What You Should Look For From A Cancer Treatment Center

What you should look for from a cancer treatment center can make all the difference in your healing and recovery.

Here we answer what makes Oasis different than the other cancer centers that you can find in the United States or abroad. There are some very important distinctions.

Fundamentally, the distinction is that most places that one goes to when they have cancer would be considered a treatment facility. It’s a place where the person goes and receives treatment and they sit back and they play a very passive role.

It’s a role in which you are the recipient of care and the knowledge and the wisdom and the technology and the procedures and you sit back and it’s done to you. And when you leave, the same person that walked in the door is the same person that walks out of the door. It’s just that you’ve had some things done to you. What we’ve learned and what is clear, we believe, to anyone who considers this subject is that if you are the same person that walked in the door that walks out of the door then you’re going to continue doing the things you did that led you in the door in the first place.

What that means is that person is going to continue to live a lifestyle that produces cancer. Where we distinguish ourselves completely from the rest is that we consider ourselves a healing center. And in a healing center you go in and it’s all about participation, it’s showtime for you, it’s time for you to go in and redefine who you are and change your lifestyle so that when you leave you’re no longer producing cancer.

In the end, what we all need to do, is to stop producing cancer. If we don’t stop producing cancer, you can have the best technology in the world to remove it, however, the chances are that it will be back. What really happens in a healing center, it is that doctors, nurses, therapists, and chefs and all of that, we all become guides to you, on your journey and there is a great deal of learning, learning about the body, what this body is made of, how it functions and what it needs, and how are these needs met, etc.

This is what we call the School Of Life. What we teach in this program is what people should have learned as a basic education growing up anywhere in the world. This should be taught in high-school, and we should all graduate from high school, knowing how to take care of our shelves and ironically enough we do not, so, we are filling in that gap.

Why An Oasis Of Healing Is Far Different From Any Other Cancer Treatment Center

Our School Of Life is the major distinction from all other cancer centers, and that is why we have people that are in contact with us 8-10-12 years later who live on and continue to embrace the lifestyle we taught them while here at our center. Our School Of Life applies to not only people with cancer but also anyone who is interested in living a healthy life.