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What To Do If You’ve Been Diagnosed With Cancer


  1. DO NOT PANIC….Unless your situation is immediately life threatening, you have time to do your due diligence. Realize that this process has been occurring for at least 5 to 8 years.
  2. Do your homework….research what is being said on both sides of the conventional and alternative aisles and talk with people who have had a similar situation in their lives. If you do not know anyone, there are thousands of blogs online to reference.
  3. Be aware of the hype and fear mongering that is associated with cancer. Realize that we are all at risk of being swept away by the promoted urgency and fear. Breathe and slow down. If you are not currently doing yoga, tai chi, mediation, breathe work or any other method to minimize and control stress, then start. Devote an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, if possible. If not possible, devote as much time as you can.
  4. A second opinion is not making appointments with two professionals trained in and practicing the same field. That is merely a corroboration appointment. A second opinion is seeking out a professional with a different perspective and a different set of experiences. Do not compromise on knowledge and training, however. The second opinion must be from someone of comparable education, training, and experience.
  5. It is no longer valid for you to tell yourself that you don’t have time for your health. It’s SHOW TIME and you are the star….so shine ! Take care of yourself by taking care of your body.
  6. Get plenty of sleep and begin your sleep no later than 9:00 PM and sleep at least 8 hours.
  7. Dietary modification must include, at a minimum the cessation of animal consumption, dairy, eggs, also fried or microwaved foods and must include, at minimum 1-2 quarts of fresh pressed organic vegetable juice daily (unless you are currently taking medication that would be a contraindication ie blood thinners) and do not use high glycemic vegetables or fruits.
  8. Regardless of which path you eventually take, you must be in the best possible condition so start cleansing your body, by altering your diet and cleansing your colon. If it is not contraindicated by your condition or physician, do colonics twice a week or daily enemas.
  9. Keep in mind that our bodies are of nature. We were born out of nature and will go back into nature. Our body therefore responds to natural substances. The body’s response to synthetic or unnatural substance is to get rid of them, since they form no aspect or function for life.
  10. If possible, go to natural settings, get out in nature….where it is safe to do so of course…take your shoes off and walk in the grass and breathe the fresh air.
  11. Stay active if at all possible. Be sure to consult your physician before doing the following. Sweat everyday through group or individual sports, including bicycling, running, or swimming for 30 minutes a day and/or use an infrared sauna per manufacturer’s instructions.
  12. Reflect on your relationships and those that are toxic need to be modified, because your life depends on it. And all loving family and friend relationships need to be enjoyed and nourished.
  13. Laugh out loud everyday … find comedy and/or funny people with whom to hang out. Dr. Thomas Lodi

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