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what happens after chemotherapy treatmentLet’s discuss what happens after chemotherapy treatment and whether healing can still occur.

If someone has been diagnosed with cancer and decides to take the path of doing chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, can they heal and recover from those treatments and life a healthy life?

Healing from these treatments can occur however there are some factors to take into consideration. One of those factors is how much damage has been done as a result of those treatments, in most cases healing and living a healthy life are possible.

Dr. Lodi states that there was an interesting study done where mice were used and split into two groups. The first group of mice we feed raw vegetables such as carrots, celery, tomatoes and lettuce. They tracked these mice until they were the equivalent age of a human at 80 years old and then put them down.

The results were impressive, all arteries were clear, organs healthy and no degenerative disease were present. The second group of mice were basically feed junk food. They were given candy bars, soda, hot dogs and the like for the same duration as far as age as the first group.

Epidemics swept through these litters and what they found was they developed everything from osteoporosis to cancer to lymphomas. Their behavior changed as well where they became agressive and hurt each other.

They also starting having gender dysphoria. It was really amazing to see the changes that happened in them. What they found in the deceased mice was extensive degeneration of organs and arteries.

Listen in as Dr. Lodi explains what happens after chemotherapy treatment

They took a third group of mice and feed them junk food for the equivalent of 40 human years and then switched their diet to the raw vegetables. After they were deceased around the 80 year old human age, what they found was very little damage done and very little degeneration.

The good news is very often it’s not to late to change the biochemistry in one’s body to help create a healing atmosphere even at middle age and beyond. What’s important to understand is as soon as you stop putting toxins and poisons into your body, it is hardwired to start cleansing itself and cleansing.

When we use the word detox or detoxification what we are really saying is we are going to stop retoxing. Our cellular mechanics are such that they clean. Our physiology, our organs of elimination, our skin sweats, our kidneys process. Our bowels, liver and pancreas get rid of waste, that’s what the body does.

For example, if a person were just to have water for seven, ten, twenty one or as far as thirty days, you would completely clean out your arteries. It’s amazing what happens. That’s what the body does naturally. Cancer cells, placque, cysts, etc., have a hard time surviving in this environment.

When someone has been exposed to the harsh chemicals from chemotherapy, we help jump start the process of detoxification. At An Oasis Of Healing, we do specific things to help that detoxification process progress such as colonics,  infrared sauna’s, lymphatic massage, balancing hormones, etc.

We do all the things to help people restore their health through riding their body of these toxins which can enable them to go on and live normal healthy lives.