Water Fasting And Cancer

Water Fasting And Cancer

Water fasting and cancer a relationship that needs to be understood in terms of its ability to restore health!

Can water fasting help with cancer treatment? Yes! In a new video, An Oasis of Healing founder and integrative oncology expert Dr. Thomas Lodi explains why water fasting should be considered as a form of cancer treatment.

“Cancer lives on glucose and it can also ferment glutamine,” he said. “Even a ketogenic diet doesn’t deprive people of glutamine. Thirty percent of people on ketogenic diets can still have cancer.”

Glutamine is a type of amino acid. Amino acids are molecules that serve as building blocks for proteins. A ketogenic diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet. It decreases blood sugar and insulin levels and allows the body to become “incredibly efficient” at burning fat for energy.

According to Dr. Lodi, water is the ultimate ketogenic and glutamine-free diet.

He explained, “Being on a water fast means that 100 percent of the fuel that cancer needs to live on is gone and cancer can’t survive. Conversely, the rest of your body will be living on the fats and ketones. Once a person has no more body fat, including fat around the organs, which is monitored, the water fast is over.”

Ketones are a type of acid made in the liver. They are produced when the body does not have enough insulin to convert glucose into energy. They are then sent into the bloodstream so the muscles and tissues can utilize them for fuel.

Water Fasting is the Ultimate Therapy To Eliminate Cancerous Tumors

When a person reaches ‘one plus’ keto level, it indicates that they are out of fat. If they go below this level, it means that they have moved from fasting to starving. Dr. Lodi cautions that it is crucial to consult with certified healthcare professionals before, during and after a water fast.

He added, “When starvation occurs, the body will consume its own muscles and its organs, so people never want to go into starvation. That’s why it is critical to know the difference and be under medical supervision while on an extended fast.”

Water fasting has been linked to several health benefits including promoting autophagy, which is the process wherein old parts of the cell are broken down and recycled. Autophagy can help prevent cancer cells from thriving. Research has also found that water fasting can help lower blood pressure and the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Specifically related to cancer, studies have found that water fasting can help fight cancer by decreasing insulin resistance as well as inflammation levels. Fasting is also beneficial in managing obesity and type 2 diabetes, which are risk factors for cancer. It also boosts the immune system to empower the body as it fights off cancer cells.

Dr. Lodi notes that it is important to remember that fasting on water is not starving. He furthered, “Starving is the end point of running out of fat. Body fat breaks down into ketones and provides fuel for the body and the brain. All of the body’s organs can function and live on ketones broken down from fat, cancer cannot.”

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