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Vegan Ketogenic Diet For Cancer

Vegan Ketogenic Diet For Cancer

What is a vegan ketogenic diet and how can it help people being treated for cancer?

Why is this diet so important to help maintain and restore our health? Is the vegan ketogenic diet scientifically proven and could it help people being treated for cancer? We are going to cover all these questions here for you.

Individuals will visit us and ask if we have research and proof that what we do at An Oasis of Healing works? Where on the other hand, these individuals will never ask the white coats or doctors at Dana Farber if they have the research and proof that the cancer treatments they are about to receive will work?

There is a large amount of scientific proof on whether a vegan ketogenic diet is effective. If you’re interested in the research and scientific proof of how this works, buy the book by Thomas Seyfried Ph.D., “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease”.

What is a vegan ketogenic diet? The word keto is derived from ketosis or ketones. People have fatty acids which is used to store energy. When those fatty acids are utilized for energy, they go through a process of being broken down into what’s called ketone bodies.

These ketone bodies are ushered into cells and are then broken down further and transformed into fuel for the human body. This process is efficient and works perfectly in the storage of fats for conversion into energy. This process stores double the energy of carbs.

When someone fasts they are actually on a ketogenic diet. The reason to be on this diet is to produce ketones. When ketones are produced we are able to get into a metabolic condition which is called ketosis. Water happens to be the best form of a ketogenic diet. However, it’s not great for someone who had cancer because they would become to weak. They need the fat and nutrients that come with it for strength.

When you understand this process and all the while know that cancer has to have 19 times the amount of glucose compared to a healthy diet, what if you starve the cancer cells of glucose? This would in effect deprive the cancer cells of glucose which they need to survive.

Eating a vegan ketogenic diet while being treated for cancer, will keep your strength up and boost your energy because you are getting the right amounts of healthy fats to produce energy.

We have two different energy systems, one that comes from glucose and one the comes from ketones. We are put into ketosis at different times of our lives by nature. For example, a baby will be in ketosis from drinking their mother’s milk. There is fat more fat than glucose in a mother’s milk.

Organ, brain and heart development proceeds better on fat or ketones. Ketosis is necessary for all mammals, reptiles and creatures because it’s built into nature for one of the key ways in remaining healthy and cleaning the body out.

Today’s new key term used everywhere is intermittent fasting which in essence is really just healthy eating. Animals in nature eat in cycles, they don’t eat daily consistently.

They will eat for 3 days in the row and then not for 7 days. This is the model of glucose followed by ketosis. Another example is a bear. They consume a lot of food and fat and then hibernate and live off the fat.

When a person or animal runs out of food, they burn fat. It takes 72 hours to use up all the stored glucose in the body. Once the glucose is used up, the body then burns the fat for energy.

We advise people to not consume animal products as they upregulate the Mtor gene and that stimulates tumor growth. There are many other reason to avoid eating animal products which we won’t cover here but it is very important to avoid them if you have cancer.

So, how do you get the benefit of a ketogenic diet without the meat? Well, you do it based on our proprietary vegan ketogenic diet which has taken tears to develop. Our keto diet has 80% fat, 15% protein and only 5% carbs.

We have you do that for 6 weeks here at our healing center. Then you switch to 12 weeks of healthy eating and go back to 6 weeks on the vegan keto diet. And, you repeat this throughout the year.

You learn how to do this while you’re with us at An Oasis of Healing, so you can take it home with you. Now you are equipped to manage your health without being in a clinic with a whitecoat.