To Vaccinate Or Not

To Vaccinate Or Not?

To vaccinate or not, we’ll give you three reasons to run from them!

Vaccines are poisonous, however, even if they weren’t, they still wouldn’t let the immune system function properly and grow naturally to become strong. So to vaccinate or not, the answer is clearly not!

In order to attain immunity from the measles, be around people who have them, touch them and you will get them. This is how to become immune to them naturally. Vaccines are not needed and do nothing to benefit humanity.

The Three Reasons to Run from Vaccines

Vaccines are poisonous

Vaccines do not allow the immune system to do its job and it becomes weakened as a result

Vaccines do not work

There is never a good reason for a vaccination. Nature provides us immunity, not vaccines! In a situation where an appropriate immune response is not possible by a child, where does the blame fall?

The blame should fall on the shoulders of the parents not giving the child the appropriate nutrition. If a child is getting the appropriate nutrition, it will have the ability to develop an appropriate immune response.

As an example, in a room full of people there is one person who sneezes. Then, half of the room gets sick and the other half doesn’t. Why is this? The immune system. It’s not the germs in the air, it’s the lack of an appropriate immune system response to the germs.

And people who walk around wearing these white masks, we don’t mean to burst your bubble but that is not preventing germs from getting into your body. If you want to have a strong immune system, what do you have to do?

You have to get exposed to germs and different kinds of microorganisms. It’s only by getting exposed that the immune system becomes strong.

When Asking Whether to Vaccinate or Not It’s Important to Know The Facts

A person who gets the measles becomes immune to them! That person will only strengthen their immune system as a result of having had the measles. It has been proven that when an outbreak of the measles occurs, the people that get them are the ones that were vaccinated.

The best thing a person can do is learn to build and strengthen their immune system. This will create tremendous health benefits for the rest of one’s life. Being in harmony with nature and aligning yourself with it, is the surest way to a strong immune system.

Look at it this way, what do you have to do to in order to attain lean strong muscles? Consistent exercise is the answer. If a strong mind is your goal, what steps are needed to accomplish this? You must read, participate in debating your peers and always be open to learning new things.

For a healthy person coming in contact with germs, this is what will stimulate their immune system. That is why it’s important that people consume whole organic foods that are loaded with nutrients.

Also, going to bed early and getting adequate sleep along with consistent exercise is key. People who live this kind of a healthy lifestyle will not have to worry about getting sick.

Immune enhancement is a key part of our cancer care program. Reach out to us today, we can help you or a loved one as we are experts in health restoration.

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