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the greatest pandemic we are facing today is cancer

The Greatest Pandemic We Face Today Is Cancer

The greatest pandemic we face today is cancer and that’s why I continue to help educate people on how to stop making it.

I was a guest on the Dr. Leonard Coldwell Opinion Radio Show and we discuss why the greatest pandemic we face today is cancer. These are the key elements of that show. You can listen to the entire show from the video below as well.

Dr. Coldwell asked me the following; why don’t you tell our listeners who you as a person and what drives you, or has drove you to find the solutions you came up with to help your patients. And, here’s my answer; sure, well, the last thing in the world I ever wanted to do was to be a doctor. I was actually interested in spiritual things.

When I was nineteen, I moved to India and lived there for a while, having dropped out of college and then I was there for a couple of years and I came back to the U.S. and got interested in psychology because I thought it was close to what I was interested in. And so I became a clinical psychologist and I practiced for three years – doing that until I finally realized that I didn’t understand pathology.

I didn’t understand how, if someone was physically ill, how that might affect their psychology and I also didn’t understand the medication they were on so I decided to go to medical school that I could round out the picture, and open my other eye and be able to help people more effectively. So, I went to medical school and made my journey into the healing profession through spirit-mind-body which is good because I never lost that part of it. So that’s who I am.

The reason I work with cancer now is because we the world is facing the greatest pandemic it has ever known. I mean, in the U.S. alone, one out of two men and one out of three women will get cancer in their lifetime. Around the world, it’s almost one out of four.

We’re seeing cancers that were unknown in third world populations such as breast cancer and colon cancer, we’re starting to see that in those populations because we’re exporting the american lifestyle to those countries. That’s why I do it because there’s a great need, and so I have a successful center in Arizona where we take care of people but now I’ve moved and I’m opening up a couple centers here in Southeast Asia, Thailand and more to come.

Dr. Coldwell asked; how do people in Asia react to your western approach? Here is my answer; well that’s a very good question. First, when they say traditional medicine what the people of Asia think of is traditional such as Thai medicine, traditional Chinese medicines, ayurvedic medicine. To them that’s traditional not we consider traditional which is the white coats, hospitals and such. So everywhere from Japan to India wherever I give lectures and open up my availability to them I let them know where I am in Asia. There they love it I get standing ovations. That’s much different because these people understand the power of botanical medicine. They understand the power of living within the laws of nature.

The Greatest Pandemic We Face Today Is Cancer With Dr. Coldwell, The Full Interview Here.

Dr. Coldwell asks me; Dr. Lodi, when people come to you what can can they expect? My answer here; well first let me say, I have two other physicians that I work with in Arizona, brilliant doctors, they’re both wonderful loving people, and we have a professional caring staff.

Now, what they might be surprised at is, they will have a two to three hour initial consultation where we thoroughly look at everything including how you feel about things and how their relationships are, you can’t separate any aspect of the human experience. We thoroughly look at everything and what they can expect is to change their lifestyle. We put them on a cleanse and while we’re doing that we are targeting cancer without causing harm.

I think it would be helpful if I gave you the three aspects of our program. we teach people to stop making cancer, because if we don’t stop making cancer it doesn’t matter how good anyone is at getting rid of it, it will be back. We do that through lifestyle changes, through biochemistry.

Imagine if a woman has a lump in her breast or if a man has a nodule on his prostate and it never grows and it never spreads they’ll go onto live a normal life. The real question when they sit in front of us is not how do I get rid of this, it’s how do I stop making it. That’s the real question.

That’s number one, the second part is that we target and eliminate the cancer without causing harm and we do that through metabolic therapy and they’re very effective. The third thing is to enhance the immune system because when the immune system is fully supported and operating effectively, it is devastating to cancer.

If you do all three of those, you change your biochemistry so your body is no longer producing cancer, you target and eliminate what is there without harm and with the immune system functioning efficiently, you have an excellent chance of healing and recovering completely.

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