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comprehensive cancer care program

The Best Comprehensive Cancer Care Program

We wanted to take the time today to explain why we are the most complete and comprehensive cancer care program available today.

The question we receive most often is how effective is your cancer program? This is a very important question and all people who are calling us diagnosed with cancer need to know this.

To answer that question though we first need to define terms and here’s why. Any time that two or more people are talking and they speak the same language, it is important that they define terms. Because, for example, the word bad used to mean bad, but now sometimes it means good.

We’ve developed this comprehensive cancer care program over the years and it’s based on nature, it’s based on natural law. So we would really have to say that this is nature’s program, not our program. We simply happen to be the hosts.

The word treatment implies that we are treatment facility, which we are not, we are healing center. A healing center is much different than a treatment facility. In a treatment facility a person comes in and very passively sits back and gets treated for a disease, which is supposed to be some entity that gets into a person and is causing a problem.

That’s not at all what we do, we are a healing center. People come to our center and learn how to heal. And healing is only something that the person can do we cannot do it for them. We are guides and teachers and along this path to healing.

Okay so enough with the definitions, just tell us, does this program work? And the answer is, absolutely, our program works very effectively.

And how effective is it? If we had to put numbers on it I would say that somewhere around seventy percent of the people leave our center with their health restored.

Stopping the production of cancer is key. In fact anyone who has cancer can usually get it taken out through surgery or they are treated with radiation or chemotherapy.

The trick is keeping it gone. The trick is maintaining health. That is if you have health.

Listen As Dr. Lodi Explains More On Our Comprehensive Cancer Care Program

Unfortunately most of the ways that people deal with cancer eliminate health while they are battling the cancer and that’s the big problem. So if someone is getting chemo and radiation then it’s unfortunately not targeted enough so it winds up destroying the person’s immune system and their ability to heal and all those sorts of negative things happen as a result. And they lose their ability to heal.

What we like to do is we like to make sure that we confront the cancer in ways that do not compromise the person, that do not cause any collateral damage and if we do that then they have a good healing mechanism when they leave and they’ll be able to maintain that when they return home.

Here at An Oasis Of Healing, we are unique from all other centers as our comprehensive cancer care program teaches people how to stop making cancer.

And to put that into perspective, if you don’t stop making cancer, it really doesn’t matter how good anyone is at getting rid of it because it will be back or will never have fully gone away.

Unless the cancer is obstructing some vital function of life, like eating or having bowel movements, or breathing, or unless it’s causing severe pain, or it’s simply way too large, than the focus must be to stop making cancer.

Unless any of those criteria are met, and if it’s just inside your body somewhere, if it never grew or expanded, or did anything else, the person would live out a normal life. So clearly, the answer is that we all need to stop making cancer.

This is especially true for the person who now has a tumor, and has been diagnosed with it. Our program works because we help the person restore their biochemistry back to a biochemistry that does not allow cancer to grow and flourish.

Think of a cancer cell as a seed, and that seed must find fertile soil. If your body just doesn’t have that fertile soil, then it simply won’t be able to grow. You can do a blood test that finds circulating tumor cells on lots of people; those diagnosed with cancer, and those not diagnosed with cancer. So the question is, are those circulating tumor cells going to be able to find fertile soil and take root, and grow? Our cancer care program makes sure there is not fertile soil for cancer cells.

We help you change your soil, so that it will not allow cancer to grow. Another metaphor that makes things clear is if you had an aquarium, and the fish were sick. The veterinarian wouldn’t say, “Bring me a fish.” He would say, “Bring me a cup of the water, and I’ll tell you what is wrong with those fish.” We help you change the water in your aquarium.

If you don’t change the water in the aquarium, it doesn’t matter how much medicine you put in, the fish will still get sick. That’s what we change and that’s why it is absolutely effective.