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the best approach to cancer

The Best Approach To Cancer

The implicit relationship between most doctors and patients is described in the following scenario:

A patient sits down across the desk from a physician
and says, Hey doc, here’s my disease, fix it…

Although this is obviously irrational, it is so pervasive that not only conventional but alternative physicians, as well, willingly take on this impossible role. It is especially true in the case of cancer where the person must be an active participant in the healing process.

Cancer is not “the enemy,” but rather the consequence of continued violations of natural laws.

Because we live in an artificial environment and interact with machines rather than nature, we have all but forgotten that our bodies are subject to natural laws.

Natural laws, unlike human laws, are non-negotiable. Just as surely as the planting of an apple seed will not yield an orange tree; continued violations of the laws which govern our biology will not yield a healthy outcome.

Health is the optimal functioning of an organism. Health is not, as it is commonly defined, the absence of disease. That would be like saying that “light” is the absence of “darkness.”

Health is the consequence of healthy living! Any plan for the restoration of health that is not based upon the laws of nature is destined not only to fail but to disappoint all who follow it.

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The immune system has two broad functions:

  • It is the “department of defense” and
  • the “department of maintenance”

When overwhelmed by maintenance requirements (cleaning/repair), the immune system has too few resources left for defense. Hence, the development of infections, degenerative diseases, and cancer.



A comprehensive approach to cancer must include the following:

In order for the body to cease being a medium in which cancer flourishes, metabolic wastes must be removed through cleansing the colon, skin and internal organs. Furthermore, it is imperative that the nourishment taken by the individual be guided by natural laws and not emotions or deleterious habits. Under these circumstances, one will choose fresh, organic and nutrient dense foods that have not been damaged by processing or other destructive methods.

There are several modalities by which the cancer can be selectively targeted without destroying the host:

  • Insulin Potentiation Therapy
  • High dose intravenous vitamin C
  • Poly MVA
  • Botanicals
  • Homeopathy

Enhancing immune function can be accomplished with the use of certain botanicals, cleansing, exercise, appropriate nutrition, fasting and oxidative therapies, i.e. ozone.

The relationships between healers and those seeking health are sacred. These relationships define the “soil” in which health can emerge and blossom. In conventional medical circles, the relationship between doctor and patient involves the patient “handing over” to the physician their “disease” and hence the responsibility for its resolution. This implicit contract is doomed to failure since it is based upon fallacious reasoning and false premises.

If, on the other hand, the patient is asked to step out of the “quagmire of disease” and commit to undertaking the journey towards health, healing will begin.

The power to heal resides within living organisms and not in things that are extrinsic to them. Healing is an integral and continuous function of living. We need only to restore those conditions necessary for the natural laws to function unimpeded and healing will prevail over destructive influences.