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The Benefits Of Water FastingThe Benefits Of Water Fasting

The benefits of water fasting are being realized around the world!

 These days, water fasting is popular among various health and wellness communities but in fact, the act of fasting has been around for thousands of years. It seems humans are starting to reconnect with the ultimate body cleanse, water fasting,  while animals have always done this, especially when they’re sick.

As far back as 5th century BCE, history shows that fasting has been used therapeutically, with Greek physician Hippocrates recommending abstinence from food or drink for certain patients. The first organized studies of fasting started in the latter part of the 19th century.

It was in the 20th century when, as an understanding of the human body evolved, fasting methods became “increasingly sophisticated.” Several methods of fasting were used to address different health and treatment needs.

For instance, water fasting was used to help treat chronic diseases together with exercise and enemas. Today, many doctors and medical experts continue to use water fasting as part of a treatment plan, especially for patients with chronic diseases.

In a new video, Dr. Thomas Lodi, renowned integrative oncology expert, noted that water fasting is the “ultimate whole body cleanse”.

Dr. Lodi explained, “Disease is the body’s response to an accumulation of toxins in the internal organs. And how do you rid the body of these toxins? You can do a juice cleanse, or you can do it with the most universally accepted detoxification method of them all—water.”

Aside from religious, and occasionally political motivations, fasting is mostly done for health-related reasons. But what are the actual benefits of water fasting?

Over the years, water fasting has been linked to health benefits including:

Promoting autophagy: Autophagy happens when old parts of the cells are broken down and recycled. This process can help cell survival by providing an alternative source of building blocks and substrates. Studies have found that autophagy can help protect against diseases like cancer by preventing damaged parts of the cells from accumulating and growing into cancer cells;

Lowering blood pressure: There are studies that show how a medically supervised water fast can help lower blood pressure for some patients;

Improving insulin and leptin sensitivity: Insulin helps the body store nutrients from the bloodstream. It also helps balance glucose levels in the blood. Leptin helps inhibit hunger and regulate energy balance. Research shows that water fasting can help make the body more “sensitive” to insulin and leptin. This means that the body will be more efficient in managing blood sugar and processing hunger signals, thus helping lower risk of obesity; and

Lowering the risk of chronic diseases: Some studies have shown a link between water fasting and a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. In one study, 30 adults water fasted for 24 hours. After the fast, their levels of cholesterol and triglycerides were significantly lower.

“In many cases, we need not look far for effective ways to heal our body,” Dr. Lodi added. “Nature has given us a free and ultimate defense against diseases. Together with nutritional and lifestyle changes, guided water fasting can help put our health back on track.”

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