Stage 4 Breast Cancer With Bone Metastasis PET Scan Is Clear

Stage 4 Breast Cancer With Bone Metastasis

Stage 4 breast cancer with bone metastasis had Shirley M. searching for alternative treatments for cancer.

By: Dr. Nathan Goodyear 

Ten years ago, Shirley M. was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and chemotherapy and even adapted a (kind of) vegetarian diet. The cancer was gone.

Or so she thought.

Fast forward to early 2019: Shirley noticed a knot under her arm and had it checked out. It was cancer again.

Shirley knew that she could not go through the aggressive treatments again. She searched online and found An Oasis of Healing as the best website.

“I called, and talking to Andy, I never had any doubt that this was the best place to come,” she said. “I never would have dreamed of how caring and passionate everybody is here. Every person here cares truly and does their best to help and encourage.”

When she first arrived at the Arizona-based alternative cancer treatment center, she was understandably worried. As Dr. Nathan Goodyear, senior medical staff member, pointed out, stage 4 bone cancer metastasis is a “big challenge.”

Understanding Bone Cancer Metastasis

 Bone cancer can start as primary or secondary cancer. Primary bone cancer is when “cancer starts in the bone.”

Secondary bone cancer, or bone metastasis, means that cancer started elsewhere but has now metastasized or spread to the bone. This is considered the most advanced stage of bone cancer aka stage 4.

Bone metastasis is more likely to occur in the spine, pelvis or thigh. Symptoms include broken bones, bone pain, urinary and bowel incontinence, weakness in the arms and legs, and hypercalcemia or high levels of calcium in the blood which can then cause nausea, vomiting, and constipation.

At stage 4, the tumor will have appeared in more than one part of the body—possibly the lungs, lymph nodes or other organs.

The Beginning Of A Healing Journey

 Shirley imagined that the process might be some sort of a “little vacation” for her but as it turns out, the healing journey required “hard work” from her end. Although she’s had her doubts, fears, and struggles halfway through the process, her perseverance paid off.

Shirley had cancer in her bones, liver, and breast but when the PET (positron emission tomography) scan came back, the cancer was gone. There were no more tumors.

Shirley’s favorite therapy was hyperthermia. “I got to sleep the day away. That was kind of fun,” she shared.

Hyperthermia, also sometimes called thermal therapy or thermotherapy, is a type of treatment wherein the body tissue is exposed to high temperatures with the intent of damaging and eventually, killing cancer cells. Hypothermia damages the proteins and structures within cancer cells to facilitate the shrinking of tumors.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy As Part Of Shirley’s Bone Metastasis Treatment Allowed The Immune System To Do Its Job 

Shirley added, “I loved going to lymphatics. Without that, my arm would just balloon and that kept it under control.” Lymphatic therapy helps the body “clear its informational highway” so that the body, especially the immune and lymphatic systems, can function at its optimal level.

The treatment device at An Oasis of Healing painlessly breaks down congestion using inert gas ionization. This allows trapped proteins to “become disassociated,” thus releasing the stagnate lymph. In effect, the excess, blocked, stagnate or retained fluid are released and flow out into normal filtration and reabsorption channels.

“If everybody knew about this healing center, they could forego all the negative side effects of conventional oncology,” she said. And as long as she stays with her current wellness routine, she knows that she can continue to enjoy the post-treatment quality of life she is living now.

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