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Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor

Robin is a stage 4 breast cancer survivor. She was a patient at An Oasis Of Healing, an Alternative Cancer Treatment Center in 2019.

*** Full Transcript ***

Robin: Well I thought that everybody here was really warm and welcoming and it was even before we came to the clinic the Jessica and Andy in the office were very very helpful in answering questions and helping us feel like this is a place that could be helpful to us and then when we got here everybody is just really loving and kind caring and I’ll I’ve always tried to eat healthy so the food I loved the food when I first got here it’s really wonderful that they feed you because they want you to eat right so much so that they feed you and she found this googling it you know we started we looked on the internet the first thing and I mean almost the the very day that she learned then she started googling and of course it was before they actually gave us a definitive diagnosis yeah are we afraid of what this is going to be and so I started looking before we even had the biopsy results and the people that administer the treatments are so kind and caring and compassionate that and yeah they I mean they worked and yeah you always have this fear I mean you always hear horror stories about cancer and so you always have this fear that it’s not going to work no matter what you try but I had more faith in this than traditional treatments that I had tried before and so I pressed on so it’s all about knowledge and what you know that’s another thing I really appreciated here at Oasis is they were really passionate about teaching us how to maintain health once we leave here and the classes that were taught to us and everything really helps as we left and went home and tried to try to maintain our health you know I am I am a realist I consider myself a realist and in the sense that that if something works.

I’m all for and and I have seen so much negativism coming out of traditional medicine you know it’d be one thing if you if you we her ride would have been ninety-nine percent paid for behind it I don’t know if we went traditional we could have went traditional it would have been paid for we chose to come down here and pay whatever it took to gain a real life fix there is no price I didn’t care what a cost I mean I didn’t even really think about the investment because the investment was her and she meant everything to me and I didn’t care how much it cost if I only have her for another six months that’s not liner you know in quality of life courses health but but it’s the longevity you know untreated cancer is not a good thing and so when we didn’t have the hope of a cure a long time care a long term excuse me you know I want a long term care I want just a four or five year cure I’m on a long term care and so we gained the knowledge and the resources to acquire that here that we would have never gain anyplace else now possibly there’s other facilities I’m not saying that around the world that could have provided good care for us but certainly this is was our top pick and it paid off for me quality of life means being able to do the things I want to do while I’m alive and not be I think about I worked as a as a coder in the medical field for about seven or eight years and I read the reports of people who are undergoing cancer treatment and what the traditional cancer treatment did to their bodies and how they spent so much of their life going in and out of doctors offices and hospitals and I don’t want to live my life like that I want to be able to you know do the things I want to do not spend my life going in and out of doctors offices and hospitals and just don’t want to do it well even though the treatments here were wonderful and they’re effective they do take a toll on your body trying to recuperate from cancer and I mean I may still have cancer but I went I’m beating it I’m beating it but it creates a lot of toxins and debris in your body and so there’s a lot that your body is still trying to deal with so we have tried to minimize my stress levels in my life and I have I’m home trying to share with others what I’ve learned here.


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