Sodium Selenite

Intravenous sodium selenite has been shown to positively adjust gene expression and suffocate a specific protein that contributes to tumor growth.

The function that selenium holds in helping people heal from different types of degenerative disease has been available now for decades.

Most recently information has directed scientific attention towards specific cancer eradication mechanisms.

Researchers discovered that selenium positively modifies gene expression to stifle a protein participating in tumor development, growth, and metastasis. However, all available “selenium’s” are not the same.

There are three essential types of selenium and each of them has the capability to stop the development of a cancer event at its earliest stage. Encouraging data on these three forms of selenium to eradicate cancer from the prostate and colon is provided.

One particular study of elderly people using 200 mcg of selenium daily reduced their risk by 50% of dying from any type of cancer.

Sodium Selenium Deficiency Will Increase Cancer Risk

Selenium was not even acknowledged as playing any part in nutrition for people until the 1950’s. It is a chemical element playing a role in various functions in the body.

Epidemiologic studies have been conducted on a large scale basis and have consistently shown that where there were low levels of selenium people were subject to a greater risk of developing many types of cancer. Confirmation came from these studies that sufficient dietary supplementation of selenium helps prevent both prostate and colon cancer.

Selenium deficiencies for the following cancers are known in the medical community to increase the risk of developing them; liver, bladder, stomach, esophagus, and lung.

Selenium supplementation was shown dating back to 1996 to reduce cancer rates overall, with a focus on decreases in colorectal, lung and prostate cancers.

In 2011 nine randomized controlled clinical trials were conducted using meta-analysis where 152,538 people showed that supplementation of selenium slashed the risk of all cancers by twenty-four percent.

Three Different Types of Selenium Are Needed for the Prevention of Cancer.

People consume selenium from various plant and animal sources in many forms, where each form has their own unique attributes. These three types of selenium most critical to the prevention of cancer are as follows; sodium selenite, L-selenomethionine, and selenium-methyl L-selenocysteine.

These three forms differentiate themselves in how the body uses them and also with their impact on reducing the risk for cancer. For example, the selenium organic compound L-selenomethionine is absorbed better than the inorganic sodium selenite.

The three different compounds of selenium complement each other in ways that affect the body’s expression of vital proteins involved in the prevention of cancer and the suppression of it. Also, all three compounds encourage cell death in many different cancer types with each of the three compounds being better at eradicating some cancers over others.

Laurinda Mordh, RN, BSN – As my kids left for college, I went back to school and earned my RN, BSN with the intent to help my family and friends pursue healthy practices.  After working in both home health and an Oncology unit at the hospital, the allopathic paradigm of treating symptoms seemed to fall short with what I knew about all the other wonderful things that could be done to support the body to heal.

Having the opportunity to work at An Oasis of Healing and to learn so much on a daily basis has been an immeasurable blessing.  I’m so thankful God has given me this opportunity to work with our patients and their families to support health and wellness through natural means.

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