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Salivary Gland Cancer Survivor

My name is Dawn Champ and I was diagnosed in October of 2018 with mucoepidermoid carcinoma.

It’s a salivary gland cancer and I took about six months to do my research as to where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, and I ended up, God led me here to An Oasis Of Healing.

In doing all of my research, it appeared to me that this was the best fit for me. The people here are wonderful. The medical staff is very wise and compassionate and they really care about the patients. They really embody the saying, “Do no harm.” And I think that’s important for people to know. I’ve learned that we have the ability to stop making cancer and I learned that if we change the environment inside our bodies, we have a better chance of combating the disease and having a better prognosis. So it’s really important. It’s important to know how to do that, especially after you’d go home because you want to continue to be successful in your healing journey. And I’m well on my way. I was going to the gym five times a week and I thought my diet was relatively healthy. I didn’t realize the amount of or how unhealthy being stressed can actually be.

So I’ve learned how to manage my stress level and I’ve learned a lot, especially about changing your diet and how important it is. I actually considered myself pretty educated as far as health was concerned with what you eat but I’ve learned so much in how it affects sickness and disease and how you can make yourself even better, healthier, and of course for your family too, knowing what you can do to help your family. It’s a small clinic but the staff is highest in quality. I mean, there’s no comparison compared to what I’ve seen at other places. I mean, the nurses are so loving and compassionate and patient. And the doctor, Dr. G., is pretty amazing. I mean, he just cares so much about his patients and he wants you to feel well and healthy, and even when you’re going through holistic treatment, there are days that you won’t feel well, but the doctor does everything he can to help you get through the treatment and come out feeling better on the other side. And the administrative staff is wonderful too.

They help you finagle through all the administrative stuff that you have to do here. It is a lot. It’s kind of overwhelming in the first couple of weeks, but it starts to straighten out and I think some of that is just because it’s just so much information and you’re here for such a short amount of time and there’s so much to learn. And the kitchen staff is wonderful too. Everybody’s just … Lymphatics is great. You’ll love that. It’s one of everybody’s favorite things to do, Lymphatics. So yeah, it’s a massage and it’s awesome. So I had my first PET scan in June of 2019, and the disease was pretty advanced, for sure. I had a very large tumor in my neck, on the left side of my neck, and I also had three different lesions on my liver where the cancer had metastasized. And after 12 weeks of treatment here at Oasis, I had a new PET scan. And amazingly, the tumor in my neck is just about resolved, at least it was at 12 weeks. And then two of the lesions on my liver have been resolved. There’s only one remaining and it’s more than half the reduced size and more than half the reduced activity level, so I’m very pleased with that. And I’ve been here now 19 weeks and getting ready to go home. I’m very excited but I’ll be continuing treatments at home until I have my next PET scan in January.

I have energy and I feel well and I have a great appetite and I’m amazed really how well I feel. And actually I don’t even really know when that happened, because the first two or three weeks I was, did not feel well, I didn’t feel well at all, I’ll just be honest. But Dr. G. helped me to manage my symptoms and side effects of the treatments, and he got me back on track and I was able to start eating again. And now I’m back to walking, exercising, and I just feel really, really great today. So I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me.

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