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Referrals for Physicians

Let us help with your treatment plan….cancer is our specialty.

‘What if you knew of a place that not only gave your cancer patients the best possible outcome, but allowed them to live fully and happily regardless of the outcome?

That is what is possible at our center, An Oasis of Healing.

Let us be an extension of your current treatment plan for your cancer patients.  We will provide your cancer patient with an intensive and comprehensive treatment program for six to eight weeks, and then when they return to your care, we will provide you with all the information regarding their protocols and treatments at our center.  This will support both you and your patient in their continued care.

Rest assured when you refer your patient to An Oasis of Healing, they will have access to the highest quality medical care while undergoing a comprehensive cancer treatment program which addresses the fundamental causes of cancer as well as what is needed for the body to heal and transform from a state of disease into a new state of optimum health.

All the staff at An Oasis of Healing will serve your patient’s needs with joy, caring and compassion.  Your patients will feel supported in a way they have not experienced before.  As you know, much fear is generated by other doctor’s proclaimed death sentences.  Here at An Oasis of Healing that fear will dissipate as your patient will learn and come to understand the body’s miraculous ability to heal itself, even from cancer.

With their renewed sense of hope, your patients will know they are in the right place for healing.  When they understanding that cancer is not the end, but an opportunity to begin anew, a greater sense of commitment to their life and health will arise.

Our physicians will meet with your patient at minimum every week to review their progress and answer questions and concerns.  Our physicians can update you regularly to keep you abreast of your patient’s progress.  When your patient returns home, we will work with you providing any of the intravenous therapy and nutritional protocols needed for their continued treatment.  It will be important for us to know that when they go home they have a doctor who can continue their comprehensive care.

Contact us at 480-834-5414 to speak with one of our physicians or ask to speak to one of our Patient Services Representatives, to find out more how we can help support you and your patient.