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Myth N°3: Raw Food requires so much equipment

Raw Food Myths Part 3

One of the most common concerns people have with starting a raw eating plan is that it requires a lot of kitchen equipment. In fact, when compared with all the appliances, equipment, and different pots and pans you need to cook food, eating raw foods requires much less equipment.

You basically need a food dehydrator, since you are not cooking foods, and a couple of good kitchen knives and cutting boards. Is there other equipment that would make your life in the kitchen easier? For sure. A blender and a food processor are really helpful in saving you time, from chopping and preparing vegetables, nuts, and seeds, to making different textures, consistencies, and combining ingredients. They are not essential, but very useful. And of course, a juicer, if you want to make your fresh green juice at home.

To have a better idea of what we use at An Oasis of Healing to prepare our wholesome raw vegan meals, we have compiled a list of equipment that hopefully can be useful to you. However, you do not need to go buy these kitchen appliances or equipment. In reality, we were designed by nature to eat using only our hands and mouth… think about it.

Raw Food Myths Part 3
Raw Vegan Food Myths Part 3