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Myth N°4: It is very difficult, only a chef could do it.

Raw Food Myths

Fourth and last myth, living a raw food lifestyle is very difficult. Some people tend to think they need a chef or to buy their meals to be able to follow this lifestyle. Again, this is not true. Let’s say you want to do three meals a day, all different, using diverse preparation techniques and an abundance of ingredients. Then, yes, maybe eating raw can be complicated. But it would be exactly the same if you wish to do it with cooked foods. To make it simple, let’s look at a scenario.

Raw Food Myths
  • Eat within a window of time, for example, six to eight hours. Allow your body to heal during the remaining period of “not eating and digesting” food.
  • Prepare two main meals and have a healthy snack in between.
  • Make one meal recurring, like a chia pudding or have a smoothie to break your fast.
  • Make sure to add nutrition to your smoothies with healthy fats, berries, and even veggies.
  • Get creative with your other meal: make sure to have a huge portion of leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables, sprouts and microgreens, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, seaweed and fermented foods.
  • Healthy snacks can be nuts and seeds, avocado, celery with nut butter, low-sugar fruits, vegetable hummus with cut-up veggies, dehydrated kale chips, etc.

Does this sound difficult? Or doable?

When you simplify your own life by adopting easy-to-follow daily habits and adapting some of our basic recipes as your staple meals, then you find out that eating raw is not that complicated. And although it would be nice if we all could have a chef at home, that might not be practical or possible, so it is good to know that there are easier ways to approach a raw vegan lifestyle.

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