Poly MVA

Intravenous Poly MVA

Poly-MVA is a safe, highly effective and intriguing way of healing from cancer.

This treatment comes at cancer from another point of view than the majority of other alternative cancer treatment.

Dr. Garnett’s has been researching and testing this for almost fifty years. The results of  organic-metallo compounds of vitamins and amino acids, metals and minerals are providing some excellent results on people who are terminal. Also, several physicians both from the US and internationally are seeing consistent see and dramatic successes adding Poly-MVA into cancer protocols and protocols for degenerative disease and various health challenges.

This is a fantastic alternative to chemotherapy for people with terminal cancer and it also gives a level of protection from radiotherapy.

Poly-MVA / LAMC is a distinctive compound made as a result of a creative process where vitamin B1 or thiamine and alpha lipoic acid are pressed together with palladium which is a mineral. When this powerful antioxidant known as alpha lipoic acid is adjoined to palladium, a mineral charged electrically and then combined with thiamin, it produces a both water and fat soluble complex, significantly expanding the absorption of Poly-MVA throughout the whole body at the cellular level.

Add in vitamins B12, B1 and B2, some particular amino acids and trace minerals, this one of a kind complex generates a fantastic synergy, action as well as function. Ultimately, the design of this is to furnish energy for all bodily systems as well as defend cells from oxidation. This formulation of Poly-MVA was created by Dr. Merrill Garnett, who has done extensive research on the activities of DNA inside both healthy and abnormal cells.

Poly-MVA supports and safeguards cellular function, safely and effectively.

It’s design is to increase the energy at a cellular level helping any impaired bodily systems. This works in harmony with normal cells and supports their functions and conversely works against abnormal cells and their function.

If a person has any of the following cancers, then close attention needs to be paid to this treatment; lung, breast, pancreatic, prostate, brain, colorectal or liver. Poly-MVA does pass the blood-brain barrier. It also has the ability to get to Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia which is cancer of the bone marrow.

In review, Poly-MVA is an excellent treatment with a distinctive antioxidant makeup that supplies fantastic protection from free radicals. Certain nutrients can be wiped out while undergoing specific therapies for cancer, this treatment helps replace them. It acts fast, the treatment is easy to use and provides immediate results. It’s safe and efficient while supporting the production of energy at the cellular level and as a wonderful benefit it improves your quality of life.