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Natural Treatment For Cancer

Natural Treatment for Cancer

Natural treatment for cancer has helped Dawn N. recover her health. 

We are going to share with you here Dawn N’s testimonial as she was preparing to leave An Oasis of Healing and head back home. The following is Dawn’s story of her time at our center.  She joyfully stated her experience with us here was amazing. Diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Dawn’s instinct before anything else was to go with natural treatment for cancer using an integrative homeopathic approach.

She did a good amount of research and discovered us out in Arizona. Dawn loved the time she spent with us at our healing center. She stated that our nurses and all staff members were very warm, caring and kind. Dawn arrived on her first day nervous and scared, although that feeling quickly dissipated as she felt welcomed immediately which put her at ease.

Dawn stated while having alternative treatments for cancer, she felt like she was surrounded by one big family while visiting us. She said it was bittersweet leaving. As excited as she was too leave our center as she is now well, she was saddened because it felt as though she was leaving her family behind. Dawn will be returning to An Oasis of Healing for a routine check-up in three months and we will be excited to see her!

A typical day for Dawn at our center would have her arriving at 8:00 am for either a food preparation class where she would learn to prepare raw vegan meals or just a food class where she would learn about health and nutrition as it relates to food. She would then have her intravenous treatments of various modalities that were specifically designed for her health and healing.  In between the IV’s, she would have other adjunct therapies such as colonics, acupuncture and lymphatic massages which would make it a full day.

Hear from Dawn N. herself about the natural treatment for cancer she received at An Oasis of Healing

She would also have green juice daily. The first 21 days is only juicing followed by raw/vegan food and green juicing. We then asked Dawn how this whole journey and experience had transformed her into the person who was about to head back home to her family.

Dawn said that her time at the center has transformed her immensely. She stated that she has learned to have patience as part of the process. Dawn had never been apart from her husband of 36 years, she learned how to apart from him and function fine and normally. She also learned for herself what she needed to heal and developed friendships that will last beyond her time at our center.

She said that there were so many people at Oasis that had now become part of her family and that she plans to stay in touch with them after she leaves. Dawn said she does feel like a different person leaving our center and that she was going back to her old life but as a new me. She would be bringing home all her knowledge of food preparation, how to take care of herself and what’s good for her body and how to stay cancer-free.

Dawn closed her testimonial by saying that everyone at An Oasis of Healing helped make what was a very scary situation into a nice experience that has changed her life.