Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release therapy is a gentle blend of stretching and massage which uses a hands-on manipulation of the whole body to help facilitate healing and relieve pain.

Over the course of time, where poor food choices are made, not getting optimal sleep nor exercise, and then emotional stress added together can all lead to an accumulation of metabolic waste all through the body’s superficial fascia.

As a result of this, restrictions with the superficial fascia can develop that prevent the appropriate movement of nutrients and waste between your fascia, skin, and muscles. This condition can affect ligaments as well as your muscles and lead to strains and sprains.

Myofascial restrictions are caused by inflammatory responses, trauma, and surgeries.

These restrictions can create tensile pressures that are 2,000 pounds psi on structures that are pain sensitive and will not show in the majority of the conventional tests such as; x-rays, electromyography, myelograms, and CAT scans.

The standard medical approach is drugging people so they are free of pain for a period of time. However, this doesn’t do anything in regards to the constant pressure that is actually creating the pain. Standard occupational, massage and physical therapy treat only symptoms created from the “straightjacket” of pressure of the Myofascial system.

This will do nothing about the constant pressure that creates and perpetuates the symptoms. Many people have only temporary relief from this and never really seem to get any better with standard therapy. Myofascial Release is the only treatment that eliminates the pressure of the restrictions that create the symptoms of the whole Myofascial mind and body complex.

During an MFR treatment the fascia, a thin fiber covering all muscles, bones, and organs, is released from its position of tension. This tension may have resulted from an injury, surgery, or from some form of emotional or physical trauma. Following a treatment, the fascia returns to its natural state of ease and comfort. This release will usually bring you relief from whatever pain or trauma you had been experiencing.

  • Increases lymphatic flow by relieving constrictions
  • Increases blood flow by releasing any compressions
  • Relieves nerve pain

Silke Thompson, LMT, CDTSilke Thompson, LMT, CDT

Originally from Mannheim, Germany, I received training as a medical assistant and completed 2,200 hours at the School for Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy.  In addition, I was certified in Manual Lymph Drainage at the Foeldi Clinic in Hinterzarten, Germany.

I further my training through the German Society of Lymphology attending workshops for wound care, lymphatic taping, axillary web syndrome, osteopathic fascia technique, deep oscillation, and compression garment fitting. Before moving to Arizona, to become part of the team at An Oasis of Healing, I received the basic and advanced training in Electro- Lymphatic Drainage therapy.