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Ketogenic Diet To Fight Cancer

Ketogenic Diet To Fight Cancer

A raw vegan ketogenic diet to fight cancer helps to starve cancer of what it needs to survive.

A ketogenic diet to fight cancer works in harmony with alternative cancer treatments and provides a great opportunity for health restoration.

If you feel tired, sluggish and find it hard to do things in your daily routine than most likely the membranes in your body are not functioning properly. We, at An Oasis of Healing, by way of a raw vegan ketogenic diet will help replace the membranes that are in trouble with healthy functioning membranes.

Dr. Jerry Tennant out of Texas is a very bright doctor. He performs a special test to find out how the membranes are doing and how strong they are. He has people drink about a gallon of raw cow’s milk daily for nine months.

In order to replace membranes in the human body, this is what it will take. For clarity, we don’t promote or use dairy whatsoever in anything we do. Conversely, we use only healthy fats like; avocado, coconut oil, nuts and seeds in order to replace membranes that are in trouble with healthy ones.

Regardless of whatever condition you have or are suffering from such as; diabetes, chronic fatigue, arthritis, dementia, and of course, cancer, what you need to be on is a high-fat diet.

A ketogenic diet that is raw and vegan needs is what you need to be consuming. Eighty percent of your that diet needs to come from healthy fats. Comparatively, an everyday diet should have fats representing fifty percent of the total.

The carbohydrate portion needs to be as minimal as possible. Avoiding processed sugar and/or glucose is critical. Cancer’s source of fuel is glucose, so eliminating it will starve a cancer cell.

The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet to fight Cancer is Simply “Water”

Let’s walk through an explanation of what a ketogenic diet to fight cancer actually means. Fat metabolism produces ketones which is then utilized for energy. Important to note, ketones may only be utilized by your healthy cells. The cancer cells are unable to use ketones for fuel and thus starve.

Water is actually the ultimate ketogenic diet when it comes to fighting cancer. A person would be able to enter into a ketogenic state in only two to three days on a water fast.

It would take anywhere from seven to fourteen days for someone to enter into a ketogenic state when graduating from a regular everyday diet to that of a ketogenic diet.  Leading with a water fast transitioning into a ketogenic diet will grant a tremendous head start.

When a person is in the ketogenic state, they become a ketone machine versus a glucose machine. Why is this important to someone who has cancer?

Cancer must have glucose to survive. There is no glucose in a ketogenic diet. Cancer can’t utilize ketones and as a result, the cancer cells starve and die off.

A raw vegan ketogenic diet is used at An Oasis of Healing for a 6 week on, 12 weeks off cycle. This is the ultimate diet in healing from cancer.

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