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Ketogenic Diet And Cancer

Ketogenic Diet And Cancer

What is the relationship between a ketogenic diet and cancer?

There is a definite relationship between a ketogenic diet and cancer. However, there is a lack of understanding when it comes to what the diet actually is so we will bring some clarity to this. Let’s start with what a ketogenic diet should not include when it comes to cancer; animal meat including steak, chicken and the like. A person doesn’t heal from cancer eating animal products.

A pure ketogenic diet that helps a person heal from cancer has to have the foundation in fat intake. To be more specific, a person needs sixty to seventy percent of their diet coming from fat.  And, let’s be clear on this point, this diet has nothing to do with the Atkins diet, they’re nothing alike.

A person can’t eat cheese burgers and bacon with sausage omelets with a side of ham and expect to live a long, vibrant, healthy life.

Achieving a vegan diet that is 60-70% from fat doesn’t happen overnight. However, we can shorten the length of time it takes in getting to this level. How do we do this? Well, we do this as a result of having developed many meals and recipes that fall within this given range.

Our keto meals are vegan and raw and contain 60-70% fat. It’s impossible to do this randomly. Putting something like this together comes from experience and expertise in this field and literally takes years to arrive at where we are with our program. The people who visit us at An Oasis of Healing are show and taught this so they can bring this lifestyle home with them.

In order for this keto diet to work, a person must be able to check their ketone levels. It is critical for you to know how to check your levels? When your sugar levels drop and become too low, you can manufacture too many ketones at once and it becomes dangerous. Keto acidosis can arise if too many ketones are produced.

Ketogenic Diet And Cancer Relationship Explained

This is how Type 1 diabetes develops in a person. Type one diabetics can easily go into keto acidosis if they don’t have any insulin. Death is possible from this condition so it is not to be ignored. If you are thinking of using a ketogenic diet for cancer make sure you are under a medical team’s care who has the experience required to protect your health.

We measure ketones a few times throughout the day making sure they are at a certain level. We also check the PH of your urine to make sure that remains balanced as well. Our proprietary ketogenic diet for cancer lasts approximately six weeks for people visiting us at our Arizona cancer center.

Upon leaving our healing center when a person returns home, we teach them to stay with this diet and continue to do a four-week ketogenic diet. Then, follow this up with two to three months of a healthy 80% raw food, 20% cooked food diet.

When a person is eating 20% cooked food, it’s not because they need 20% cooked, it is for the sole reason of feeding their tongue. It’s important to understand that sometimes you need to do things to feel good. If a person doesn’t feel good about what it is that they’re doing, they tend to feel like a victim or deprived and that’s not good.

When a person feels like this, it will negatively affect their immune system. For example, if a person thinks that they will never be able to eat one of their favorite foods again and it makes them upset, it is not good for their health. If this happens, simply use the twenty percent rule in moderation. It’s important to live in happiness.

However, to be clear, a cheeseburger should not be part of the 20%! For example, have the 20% be steamed broccoli and quinoa. This will please the pallet. However, remember that this cooked food won’t have life energy in it any longer, hence why it is only 20% total of the total diet.

The ultimate purpose of food is to supply a person with life’s energy that is why a person should eat the majority of their food in a raw natural state.

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