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Juicing has been known to help patients with cancer survive its course. For many, it can play a powerful role in the healing journey (1).

There are many positive health enhancing reasons to juice. By extracting and drinking the juices of low glycemic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and certain medicinal roots, we offer our body the most nutrients with the least amount of energy expenditure on digestion. The purpose of juicing is to focus all of the body’s energy on healing.

Here are a few reasons why Juicing is beneficial for cancer patients:

  • Fresh raw juices contain concentrated amounts of anti-cancer and anti-tumor nutrients including many vitamins and minerals.
  • Juices can be very supportive to the immune system, giving it a boost of strength through enhanced absorption of nutrients when it is needed most.
  • Juices are a great option for those transitioning to a raw food diet, as juices do not require much of the digestive processes. Juicing cleanses the palette of cooked food and therefore makes the change much easier and enjoyable.
  • Juicing may contribute to decreasing toxicity in the body. When we put concentrated nutrients in our body, we activate genes that turn on the cleaning crew. Layer by layer our body cleanses and detoxifies, releasing that which it cannot use, but has not yet been able to expend the extra time and energy to clean up.

Drinking fresh juices will enable us to heal imbalances and restore homeostasis easing the stress on the body from pushing it to over perform.

Providing your body with all the nutrients it needs in a form that it recognizes (synthetic chemicals and additives are foreign) offers healing by sending proper signals throughout the body, letting it know it has had enough and can stop hounding you for more food to supply more nutrients.

Remember this is the purpose of eating, to provide fuel and building blocks for structure. Food is not supposed to be only for pleasure, however once you allow the power of plants to bring you back to your natural state of health, living foods with their nutritional density will become very rich in flavors to you.

When we live the way nature intended us to live, our lives will transform!

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