Janette Testimonial: Breast Cancer


So I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014 and august of 2014 I pretty much tried to live my life clean and peaceful. When I found these imbalances in my body and peaceful ways to heal them and rebalance.

So, I remember looking or searching the net and finding wholistic ways of reclaiming my health.

And I ran into these videos about called the truth about cancer, I think it was a group of them call it to prevent cancer and so I started to watch them and more and more and more, more and more and more and more than, at the time of 2014 I decided to a have decided to have surgery, and to do some holistic supportive stuff around that.

Afterwards, so they had surgery in November of 2000. And, and after that I went to a clinic, in South Carolina and actually looked at all the an oasis of healing at that time, and I couldn’t, I couldn’t work out how to get here so I took what was closer and what was available to me they were not as comprehensive and intense as this program, but I did that, and worked with holistic practitioners in the community for five years. And cancer did not return, return on the sixth year, which was last year 2018.

So, I’m fortunate enough to live in intentional community and the community decided that I should be here, and this is where there’s a group of I have a team of five. Close support members who were working on my health project, and program with me. And we have too much research, we decided that this would this place had what we were looking for in terms of addressing the health imbalances, and learning about what I needed to do to stay healthy. So did a lot of research. A lot of conversation back and forth with with Dr Goodyear. And here we are. Actually, I feel comfortable speaking with Dr Goodyear.

I have had a year of kind of regular medicines in the hospital. So I was really looking for someone who spoke the language that I spoke about healing. This language that I recognize a language that felt like healing and wholeness to me. So, from talking to them on hospitals I was clear that this this place will work for me because it resonated with me and my heart and what I know. And when I got here found it to be true. The first thing I noticed was the people and the love in their hearts. And so, that made me comfortable. And I thought I was in the right place and I knew I could heal here.

As I said I’ve been talking to Dr Goodyear, and others, and they hit what I believed is necessary for me to heal and when I got here found it to be here, including the desire the commitment and devotion of the people to healthy human beings.

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