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IV Therapies

IV therapies are used to obtain better absorption and to increase blood plasma levels of many micronutrients.

We often see dramatic improvements when administering intravenous therapy. Patients who visit our healing center usually have not experienced improvements in their health with various medications or oral supplements taken in large quantities.

In general, taking vitamins and minerals orally can be beneficial. We do recommend taking certain supplements when appropriate. However, vitamins and minerals become useless if they are not properly absorbed in the body.

Often, as a result of conditions the body is currently in, intestinal malabsorption can develop. What this means is people will not be properly absorbing vitamins and minerals through their gut or their gastrointestinal tract.

So what happens is people do not get to experience the ultimate results they are seeking. Something else to consider is taking too much of a particular supplement. As an example, if one were to take large amounts of vitamin c and magnesium orally will most likely result in diarrhea.

Vitamin C and magnesium administered intravenously along with other vitamins and minerals simply will not have this effect. Also, the quantity administered intravenously can be dramatically larger in volume as compared to taking pills orally.

The idea behind the use of intravenous therapy comes from two points of view;

First, the absorption of therapy applied intravenously is far better compared to consuming pills orally as a result of gut limitations. In order to process and absorb therapeutic levels of key micronutrients effectively, intravenous therapy is a must.

Secondly, establishing greater plasma levels of these key micronutrients can develop fast with intravenous therapy and as a result create a far greater influence on the metabolic process at a cellular level, which leads to optimal cellular functioning.

The Natural & Alternative Intravenous Therapies
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Other intravenous therapies including a multitude of antioxidants, botanicals, pharmaceuticals and nutritional products designed specifically for individual needs.