We invite you to join us weekly to be a part of our Team Oasis in-house staff education program. At the beginning of our weekly Plan of Care meetings at An Oasis of Healing, our doctors educate our Care Team (nurses, therapists, nutritionists, acupuncturist, and more). We discuss pertinent cancer-related topics and how our comprehensive cancer care program impacts our patients and their overall healing.

This is an opportunity to learn directly from an experienced clinician who keeps us informed about the latest insights, research, and results in cancer care. Listen in and learn from Dr. Goodyear as he speaks about cancer stem cells, Vitamin C, hormones, and a plethora of other topics related to treatment for cancer. We encourage you to share these insights with your family and friends so that we can all stay on the pulse of new and long-standing cancer-healing evidence and procedures.  With this knowledge, we all have power over cancer.

Insights Episode #15 | Vitamin C Antioxidant And Pro-Oxidant
Insights Episode #14 | Vitamin C for Cancer Treatment
Insights Episode #12 | Protein Restriction Inhibits Tumor Growth
Insights Episode #10 | Integrative Oncology Versus Conventional Medicine
Insights Episode #8 | Stress And Cancer Relationship
Insights Episode #6 | Progesterone Metabolites and Cancer
Insights Episode #4 |
Estrogen And Cancer
Insights Episode #2 – Role Of Oxidative Stress And Cancer
Insights Episode #13 | Fasting Directly Inhibits Enzymatic Function In Cancer Cells
Insights Episode #11 |
Nutrition And Cancer
Insights Episode #9 | Stress Response Plays A Major Role In Cancer
Insights Episode #7 |
Hormones and Cancer
Insights Episode #5 | What Is Estrogen Metabolism?
Insights Episode #3 | Cancer Cell Activity Versus Cancer Stem Cells
Insights Episode #1 РCancer Is A Metabolic Disease