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How To Stop The Production Of CancerHow is the production of cancer stopped?

The concept of stopping the production of cancer can be easily understood. However, one’s lifestyle usually requires radical changes when faced with cancer and this new lifestyle becomes more difficult for some to actually adhere to.

Some people find this change easy and simple and others struggle with it finding it the hardest thing they have had to do. When “cancer” is knocking on your door, what a person should realize is, they have just received a second chance if they change the current path which they are on. This is an offer no person should refuse.

The steps on how to stop the production of cancer:

Step number one – your diet should be one that meets a person’s biological needs and not their appetites. After all, we are primates! Humans aren’t felines, canines, porcine or bovine. Education is so important here, for example, what do gorillas eat? Are they are healthy and strong?

Cooking your food denatures the enzymes and renders it nutritionally worthless. When you freeze food it will destroy many of the nutrients in the food. Remember, fresh, organic, and ripe are the food traits that best represent health.

Step number two – go to sleep earlier, around 8-9pm and wake up as the sun is coming up. This has many benefits and allows for proper cleansing while you’re sleeping.

Step number three – start your day upon waking with meditation and/or prayer.

Step number four – people should read for at least thirty minutes in the morning as they retain more of what they read. Topics should include health, wellness and the healing of the body as well as the mind and spirit. Don’t waste time reading about disease. Disease is simply the absence of health.

Step number five – do some aerobic exercise starting with a minimum of twenty minutes working up to forty-five minutes as you become more fit. Add in resistance exercises for strength and good muscle tone.

Stop Making Cancer Part One

Step number six – try not to eat until after you exercise but remember, it is not important to eat first thing in the morning. The longer the period of time in between meals, the more health you will enjoy.

Step number seven – cleanse your colon. Important to note; the colon is 1.5 to 2 meters in length or approximately 5 ft. Take note of how much you are eliminating daily. If what you are eliminating is not 5 ft. in length, then consider a colonic or doing an enema. Try to have two or three colonics per week or an enema daily or a combination of these two.

Step number eight – a coffee enema is an excellent way to have the liver cleansed. Using wheat grass juice enemas in place of coffee is an effective alternative way to have nutrients absorbed into your body.

Step number nine – meditate and/or pray at noon. Take off your shoes off and put your feet on the ground barefooted. Let your skin be warmed by the sun for at least thirty minutes if you can.

Step number ten – eat your dinner three hours before going to bed so around 5-6pm. It is vital to go to bed with your stomach on empty for the purposes of healing while you sleep.

Stop Making Cancer Part Two

Step number eleven – prior to having your evening dinner, take the time to meditate, pray or both.

Step number twelve – don’t lie. When a person lies it will produce adverse spiritual and psycho-emotional effects.

Step number thirteen – laugh as much as possible during the day.

Step number fourteen – be gracious. If you find yourself in a negative mood or you are angry, sit quietly while breathing deeply. In some cases, you may want to let out a scream or bang on something. That’s fine but make sure to follow that up with sitting quietly and breathing deeply for about five minutes.

Step number fifteen – have the last thirty minutes of your day spent meditating and/or praying prior to bed.

Stop Making Cancer Part Three

Step number sixteen – when going to bed have your head positioned south to north or north to south or if you can.

Step number seventeen – clear your bedroom of all electronics and make sure it is dark and quiet while you sleep.

Step number eighteen – fast 4 times a year or once a quarter for ten to fourteen days each time at the two equinoxes and solstices. That would be March 21st, June 21st, September 21st, and also December 21st.

Step number nineteen – this is the proper order to follow when it comes to eating for health: volume, frequency, and quality. Don’t eat until you are full. Strive to eat once a day, having two meals a day at most. Once a week, skip one day of eating in total. The quality of food should be fresh, organic, and ripe.

Step number twenty – be with someone you love.

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