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How To Reverse Diabetes

How To Reverse Diabetes

Learning how to reverse diabetes is a real possibility, however, it takes persistence and dedication to make that a reality.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to reverse type II diabetes and it doesn’t involve surgery, synthetic drugs or any uncomfortable or unnecessary treatments.

Diabetes has become a global pandemic at present time so we wanted to explain and show how you can reverse type II diabetes and stop taking any medications that you may currently be taking. Another pandemic that goes hand in hand with diabetes is obesity and this can be reversed as well.

Specifically, we are talking about Type II Diabetes. Type I diabetes by comparison is the pancreas not producing any insulin. This is a separate condition than type II diabetes which is the result of insulin resistance.

When individuals become insulin resistant it leads to Type II diabetes. The body becomes insulin resistant as a result of being feed too much sugar. The body creates the resistance to protect itself.

If you consume excessive amounts of pasta, bread, sugar, cakes and rice. etc., these are the things that are broken down immediately into glucose. The consequences of eating too much of these things on a biochemical level can lead to death.

Excessive sugar consumption is possibly deadly so internally the body protects itself by creating the resistance so that sugar can’t be taken in and absorbed by the cells. Glucose would certainly remain in the blood however it doesn’t get into the cells.

And this is how diabetes is created internally. Insulin needs to get inside the cell for glucose metabolism to work. The pancreas secretes insulin which is the key to unlocking the door and permits the glucose get inside the cell. Glucose will remain in the blood without the presence of insulin. This creates a ironic scenario where there is an excess amount of sugar in the body while at the same time the body is starving for it.

How To Reverse Diabetes In Less Than A Month

The person needs to remove the reason the body is going through this process. The reason the body has developed a resistance to sugar is simply because there is far too much of it being eaten. The simple answer is to stop eating excess sugar.

It just makes sense to refrain from eating things that become sugar; for example, avoid all cooked starches. In fact, if you have type II diabetes the way to reverse it is by consuming raw vegan food for 21 days consecutively. It is important not to eat fruit during these 21 days. If you follow this method and eat mainly raw veggies, nuts and seeds there will no longer be a need for medication. This works 100% of the time.

Once you’re off all drugs, you can start to play around with customizing your diet. Nevertheless, you need to maintain an 80/20 balance, 80% being raw vegan food as well as 20% being prepared or cooked. Ensure that the 20% cooked food is not the starchy things we pointed out earlier.

If you’re going to consume rice, then choose brown rice and make sure you reduce your serving size. Bottom line is, you need to learn to get full on food that is nutritionally dense. These are foods that will assist you in avoiding cravings from those starches that turn into glucose instantly when consumed.

Also, 21 straight days of green juicing will have the same impact and reverse the diabetes.