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how to make your own nut milk

How To Make Your Own Nut Milk

Hello, I’m Ashley Grimmel An Oasis Of Healing’s Nutritionist and Health Educator and today I’m going to show you how to make your own nut milk.

This recipe calls for three different kinds of nuts; almonds, pecans and brazil nuts measured at ½ cup each. The almonds and pecans were soaked in water overnight and then dehydrated to remove their enzyme inhibitors.

The Brazil nut are one of the few nuts where you don’t need to soak them and we are using them just as is.

Depending on how rich you like your nut milk, whether you lean towards a thin or thicker mixture will determine how much water you add to the blender.

To make your nut milk creamier, which we are making here, you want to do a ratio of one to one which in this case is 1 ½ cups of nuts to 1 1/2 cups of water.

Go ahead and blend well until it becomes creamy. You then want to strain the mixture through a nut milk bag which is easily bought on Amazon or at any health food store like Wholefoods for approximately $5.00.

Next, place the nut milk bag into a large bowl to collect the actual milk you will be drinking. Then, pour the blended mixture into the nut milk bag, tighten up the draw string and use your hands to squeeze the bag and strain.

You have just made fresh, delicious and more importantly nutritious nut milk for you and your family. All that’s left is the clean up which is minimal.

There will be so many options you can use your fresh nut milk for such as; smoothies, soups, sauces, dressings and dips. There are unlimited options and many combinations which I will get too in future posts. In the meantime, be creative and have fun making your very own unique combinations.

The best part about the nut milk is that it covers a broad spectrum of nutrients because of the variety of nuts we used which helps our body to heal and that is our ultimate goal here at Oasis.

Watch Ashley Show You How To Make Your Own Nut Milk Right Here In Front Of You