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how to keep your thyroid healthy

How To Keep Your Thyroid Healthy

Let’s discuss how to keep your thyroid healthy, what’s important to remember is the body is a complete system and nothing is separate.

As an exmaple, I wouldn’t do something for my heart that wouldn’t also effect my kidneys because they all work together; the heart, kidney’s, lungs, blood vessels, etc. They are all working together because they live in the same biochemical pool and the same biochemistry.

So, If a person is constipated and absorbing excess poisons, it’s going to effect every part of their body. It may not be as obvious in every case but it is effecting every part of the body.  So the question, how to keep your thyroid healthy is a simpe one to answer, keep your body healthy.

The thyroid is a mechanism to deliver iodine to the cells. Iodine is essential for mitochondrial function. The mitochondria are the parts of the cell that are responsible for energy production. They take glucose and oxygen and they produce energy.

Small organisms is the ocean where they have lots of iodine around them, they don’t need to have a thyroid. As we get into higher organisms where we have all these different cells, we needed to have a mechanism to deliver iodine to the cells. Iodine is an essential element for life.

This is especially true in higher forms in cells that have mitochondria. Now, for someone that has a low functioning thyroid or a hypo thyroid, their energy is very low. They sleep alot, they gain weight, they can’t lose weight and their thinking becomes dull. What does this mean? It means that the mitochondria are not getting enough energy.

Dr. Lodi Explains How To Keep Your Thyroid Healthy In Depth

Conversely, if someone has a hyper thyroid, they have too much energy. They talk really fast and move fast and they can’t seem to calm down. And then of course, there are people that are right in the middle and their thyroid is functioning appropriately.

One of the easiest ways to know whether your throid is functioning properly is by your body temperature. When you get up in the morning and before you get out of bed, put a thermometer under your arm and try to use an old fashioned one where the mercury rises and falls, stay away from the digital kind.

Leave the thermometer there for 5 minutes for do this every day for 5 to 6 days and take your temperature each day. Then, take the average of those days. If your average is less than 97.8 degrees than you are sub clinically hypo thyroid.

This happens to be true for most of us today where we are hypo thyroid and the reason for this is because iodine is in the same class of chemicals as flouride, chloride and bromide all of whch are throughout our environment. Bromide is in baked goods, chloride is in your water and flouride is in both your toothpaste and your water.

These chemicals take the place of iodine and if you consider the fact that we don’t have enough iodine in our food because we don’t eat sea vegetables. Even though our blood tests may come out normal, doesn’t mena you have a normal functioning thyroid. The reason for that is even though your blood test shows that you have t4 and t3 , what it’s not showing you is that it’s not a functional t4 and t3.

Instead of having 4 iodines, you have maybe one bromide, one chloride, and only 2 iodines, that’s not functional and it won’t work. Again, use the thermometer method to find out where you stand. Make you you take iodine and there’s different methods of filling up your tank so to speak, one is Lugol’s solution.

Eating sea vegetables is a perfect way to maintain your proper iodine levels. Also, miso soup is able to concentrate iodine from the ocean three thousand times greater than in the surrounding water and this means that’s it’s an incredible source of bio available iodine.