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After Care

Your Continued Care After Going Home

Upon completing your program at An Oasis of Healing, you will be given a Discharge Plan which will outline our doctors’ recommendations for your continued care after returning home. We have an After Care Coordinator who can help you find a physician in your area to work with if you don’t already have one. She will also help you find therapists that provide the services needed as outlined in your Discharge Plan. In addition, we assist and support you so you are able to continue your dietary recommendations by providing a list of suppliers, support groups and Meetups in your area.

Our After Care Coordinator is there to support you in your transistion home. She is available to answer your questions and coordinate your needs with other staff as well, as you settle into your new life and lifestyle.

If you are on a maintenance program that requires returning to An Oasis of Healing for continued care, the After Care Coordinator will assist you with arrangements and coordination of your schedule at the center.

Laurinda Mordh, RN, BSN – As my kids left for college, I went back to school and earned my RN, BSN with the intent to help my family and friends pursue healthy practices.  After working in both home health and an Oncology unit at the hospital, the allopathic paradigm of treating symptoms seemed to fall short with what I knew about all the other wonderful things that could be done to support the body to heal.

Having the opportunity to work at An Oasis of Healing and to learn so much on a daily basis has been an immeasurable blessing.  I’m so thankful God has given me this opportunity to work with our patients and their families to support health and wellness through natural means.