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How To Get Started

Becoming a Patient at An Oasis of Healing

To find out more about becoming a patient at An Oasis of Healing, just call our office at 480-725-5953 so we can learn more about you.  Once we know what your goals and desires are, then we can discuss the different aspects and requirements of our program and how they might help you specifically.

Once you have spoken with a Patient Admissions Coordinator, the next step will be to send us your medical records.  Below is a list of the medical records you will need to send.  You can fax them to 480-834-5418.

  • Imaging Interpretation Report (ALL PET scans, Last year CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Thermography, etc)
  • MOST RECENT blood tests ONLY
  • All Pathology reports
  • All Surgery/Biopsy reports
  • MOST RECENT doctor notes ONLY where summary of case is provided if available

We will review your records and then discuss setting up a 30 minute phone consult to review any medical questions you have about components of our program or your situation and how we might help you in your healing process.

After our conversation, we can provide an outline of the program he would order based on the conversation with you.  This is a preliminary estimate of what your program would be here at Oasis.

Once you have reviewed the proposed plan of care and have all your questions and concerns answered, the next step in the process would be to schedule your initial in-person consult and/or your arrival at the center.

Our Patient Admissions Department will be in regular contact with you as you prepare for your visit to An Oasis of Healing.  We will call you to explain the process of how to access our Patient Portal to complete your new patient information.  We will provide you with an overview of what to expect and also give you information on what to bring with you to the center.  We are also available to answer whatever questions come up including information about transportation and places to stay.

Below is a list of items we would like you to bring with you to your initial consultation appointment.

  • A detailed list of all medications with the dosages you are currently taking.
  • A detailed list of all nutritional supplements with the dosages you are currently taking.
  • Your driver’s license
  • Your passport

The initial office visit with our doctors will take approximately two hours which will include:

  • Taking a thorough medical history
  • A comprehensive evaluation of your medical condition
  • In-depth discussion of what is required to restore your health.
  • The discussion of options for your plan of care

At the end of your office visit, our physicians will write the final orders for your individualized healing program.  During this time you will enjoy a delicious healthy meal, followed by an orientation with our scheduler, our chef and one of our nurses.

We will provide you with an invoice at the time services are rendered. Payment can be made by cash, check, money orders, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

BBB logo We do not contract with any insurance carriers so our fees will not be covered by your insurance company at the time the services are rendered.  However, we do provide invoices that can be submitted for reimbursement after the services has been provided.  Whether your insurance will reimburse you or not, depends on your plan and its benefits.

We will give you the name and phone number of independent billing agents who may be able to help you file your medical expenses from our office with your insurance carrier and recoup some of your expenses. However, our doctors do not participate in any Medicare or Medicaid programs. Therefore, claims will not be accepted by Medicare or any secondary insurance companies that require denials from Medicare first.

If you have a life insurance policy and you are interested in finding out how it can be used to finance your treatment, click this link Funding from Life Insurance. 

If you need support to raise funds for your treatment, check out this website.  This organization offers grants and assistance with crowdfunding. https://efundyourhealth.org/donors/grant-funds/cancer/

American Life Fund is a national viatical settlement company located in Atlanta, Georgia. We have helped hundreds of cancer patients sell their life insurance policy for immediate funds. At American Life Fund, we believe in educating patients on all of their financial options. This includes the ability to access your life policy’s funds through a viatical settlement. Viatical settlements are an easy, fast, and hassle-free way to get the cash you need to fund medical bills, living expenses, and alternative treatments. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve financial freedom.


At An Oasis of Healing, we want to make your transition to our center as stress free and easy as possible.  We are available to discuss your options or answer any questions you may have.

Air: The nearest commercial airport to An Oasis of Healing is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Most major airlines service this airport. The airport is located approximately 20 minutes from the Center.

Free flights can be arranged through Angel Flight, depending on your location, but the majority of the time your distance from Phoenix must be under 300 miles. This option does require a extra time to coordinate and flexibility is helpful when utilizing this option.  We will assist with the paperwork necessary to make these arrangements.

Ground: Enterprise Rent-A-Car provides you with a special discount rate as a patient. Once your length of stay has been determined, we can provide you with all the information needed to make your reservation.

*** Please Note: This preferred rate cannot be used for pick-up from the airport, so we can help you arrange a shuttle to take you to where you are staying.


An Oasis of Healing is a healing center that provides out-patient services.  We are not an in-patient hospital, so we do not provide rooms for patients’ stay.  However, we can assist with options your accommodations.  Below are some of the options available.

Some of the options for housing available in the area include:

  • Furnished apartments and condos
  • Long-term stay hotels
  • Lodging programs are also available through the American Cancer Society

Please call us at 480-725-5953 for further questions.


An Oasis of Healing is located in downtown Mesa, Arizona.

Our address is:

210 North Center Street, Suite #102 Mesa, Arizona 85201

The closest major airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
It takes approximately 20 minutes to drive to the center from the airport.

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