how to best treat multiple myeloma

How To Best Treat Multiple Myeloma

We were recently asked how to best treat multiple myeloma so we wanted to provide an explanation to all of our followers.

Multiple Myeloma is very similar to leukemia and lymphomas which is a cancer or malignancy that develops in and greatly affects the bone marrow. It effects the cells that produce immunoglobulins which help our body fight off infection.

It is a very significant set of cells that are being affected by this particular type of cancer of malignancy. The complications that arise from this are usually skeletal. The bones  are very much affected usually end up with lots of little holes in them. This impacts the back bones and vertebra especially as they get weaker and this become a problem.

It also affects the kidneys as they can suffer greatly. However, the answer to the question of how to best treat multiple myeloma is the same way we treat all of these conditions that are known as cancer.

We have a program that is appropriate for all cancers. It’s important that people understand that when you talk about a cancer whether it’s breast cancer, colon cancer or pancreatic cancer, you’ll notice that the second word in all those diagnoses is cancer.

What this means is the only difference between each one of the cancers mentioned is the location of where the cancer is located. For example, pancreatic cancer is a cancer that developed in the pancreas and it has a bad reputation because of it’s location. This cancer could easily move one centimeter and it’s already stage 4 in another organ.

Compare this to breast cancer where it could move 10 centimeters inside the breast and not be in another organ and still be a stage 2. We are just talking about location here, however, the treatment we provide addresses all cancer.

Listen in to hear how to best treat Multiple Myeloma

A diagnosis is just a definition or description of what you see. Number one, we educate. train and teach the person how to live in harmony with nature. If we live in harmony with nature then our immune systems functions optimally, our physiology, our biochemistry just hums and shines and we can get through almost anything.

Humans are incredible creatures, we are divine primates and we can heal from many, many things. We just have to get our biochemistry straight. We stop making cancer first and foremost and we change our bodies biochemistry, that’s what we do. These are all the lifestyle things that we do teach here at our healing center.

Number two, we target cancer  using metabolic non toxic therapies. We even use low dose chemo with insulin to target it’s effectiveness in specific areas, however, we do not overwhelm the body with toxins as that is the exact reason why the body developed cancer in the first place.

What we have is mostly metabolic challenges and what we mean by that is we introduce natural substances to the body that normal cells can handle easily without a problem. In fact, your body needs these substances, i.e. vitamin c and functions well with them. Compared this to cancer cells with it’s metabolic restrictions and deficiencies  and they tend to die off as they can’t handle these natural substances.

The third aspect of what we do is enhance the immune system and we have a variety of ways of doing that as well. When a person does all three of these things at once, they have the best possible chance of surviving this situation which has been named cancer.

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