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how much vitamin b12 do I need

How Much Vitamin B12 Do I Need

How much vitamin B12 do I need on a daily basis, here is your answer.

The recommendations put out there say to take between 2 micrograms and 7 micrograms a day depending on which studies you read. However, we actually need to take more than that because of different abilities to absorb.

It’s okay to take 50 micrograms  to 100 micrograms and all the way up to 1,000 micrograms depending on your ability to absorb. You can follow b12 levels in your body to find out what’s really being absorbed and then determine how much you really need.

The body only really needs 2 to 7 micrograms absorbed per day. What does vitamin b12 do for us? Well, it’s involved in the central nervous system, the peripherval nervous system in it’s growth and development as well as the blood. It is part of what is necessary to make blood and red blood cells.

This important vitamin is involved in dna synthethis and many other functions as well. It’s very important to the body and every cell uses it. Let’s go a little deeper, so what is b12? It’s a very complex water soluable molecule and it’s produced only by bacteria. So, even when we think we are getting our b12 from an animal, you are actually getting the b12 from microorganisms that live in the animal.

How Much B12  Do I Need Daily, Find Out Here By Watching Dr. Lodi’s Thorough Explanation

How is b12, once consumed, actually taken into the body? It’s a complex process so let’s walk through it. There are cells in the stomach which produce hydrochloric acid and we should always keep in mind that are stomachs require a very low ph, not a high ph or alkaline but very acidic.

The parietal cells which produce the hydrochloric acid, also produce a protein called intrinsic factor and this protein binds to any b12 taken into the body through eating and it’s then able to be absorbed into the last part of the small intestine called the ileum.

What’s interesting is that we have found that Apes living in the wild do not need B12. However, once we bring them into captivity and feed them the vegetables that we eat then they do need b12, so what’s the difference? The vegetables we eat are sanitized, we clean our vegetables and make sure that there is nothing left on them which again is unnatural.

We also know that there are many organisms in the colon that produce b12 but the issue here is if it’s produced in the colon, that’s past the ileum and it won’t be absorbed. So, they find that some animals actually eat their own feces so their b12 requirements are met.

There was also a study done in the 1950’s where they took the feces of vegans and extracted the b12 from it and gave it to them and they do not require a supplement, they were fine. This provided proof that we do have bacteria in our colons to produce b12.

It has also been found from studies in the 1980’s that when there is a small amount of protein in the diet versus large amounts, these bacteria are able to migrate up to the small intestines and combined with intrinsic factor and absorbed into the ileum which is again the last part of the small intestines.

The conclusion here is that our modern lifestyle is allergic to nature, we clean and makes sure that everything is sanitized. When we do that we remove the bacteria that we would normally ingest and who would take up residence most likely in our small intestines.

As a result of our unnatural eating from high protein diets, we do not allow the bacteria that are in the colon to migrate up to the small intestine and produce and absorb b12.  We are divine primates that are capable of living in nature the way nature designed us without taking any supplements. The word supplement means that which we need in addition to our diet.

However, nature did not make us defective where we would need something man made in order for us to survive, that would be illogical thinking.  Supplementation is only necessary when you are living against nature.


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